Chapter One...

I opened my eyes slowly at frist everything I saw was a blur, but then it started to clear up. I looked around at my surroundings I knew that I was in some kind of large containment. But that was all I could see clearly the
rest of the glass was to foggy to make out anything out.
" Ah! so you've finally awakened"
I turned sharply towards my right. There stood a man peering down at me
" Who are you?"
I asked the man didn't answer he just smiled as if he thought I should knoe that answer already. I stared at him until I. heard a tiny vioce say
' Thats Dr. Amaru '
" Dr. Amaru?"
I looked at him as I said this yet again he only nodded. I watched him walk to a control pannel afew minutes later there was a hissing sound then
the glass parted and I could finally see were I was at. Holding out his
rihgt hand I reach up and I was helped out of the containment.
" I trust you know what you are here for?"
Dr.Amaru questioned I nodded
he replied absently as he took out his lab coat and gave it to me,
"Here I don't want my finest creation to catch cold"
Looking down I realized that I was nude.
" Thank you Dr." taking me by the hand he lead to another chaimber.
"Sit down"
I did he placed a crown like helmet on my head.
"Now tell me Kanoi what is your objective?"
" To destory Sei..."


" Ready?",
I called out to Takashi, he sighed,
" As I'll ever be "
I laughed " Calm down since when have I ever missed?"
Takashi gave a sarcastic look,
" Never but there were plenty of times where you almost did."

I laughed even harder when he said that,

" Hey!! I'm serious!Sei, you're not the ginning pig I AM!!"

" Oh stop acting like a house wife, and besides 'almost' doesn't count"
Takashi made a sour face, " Almost doesn't count' ,almost doesn't count my foot! just start and get
this over with!"

I shook my head to stop myself from laughing again,

" it goes..." I focused my power then started to raise it up,

I shoot out bunch of fire flames until I could no longer see my friend.
After five minutes passed the dust and smoke cleared, and soon settled
there in the mist of all the stood Takashi and a neatly outline of his
" There now you were worried about nothing."
He gave such an evil looked that I almost brust out laughing,

" Worried about nothing huh?" then he fell over. " Takashi!"

I ran over to him,

" I'm fine, I'm fine I told you I'll never get use to that no matter how
much we do that..."

"Sei!... Takashi!.."both of us turned to see Maili marching towards us with
her hands on her hips,

" Honestly can't a girl get some work done without the sound of you two
goofing off!!?"

Takashi and I smiled sheepishly and glanced at each then said in unison,
" Sorry Maili..."

Maili made a huffing sound,

" Sorry Maili... Look dad may let you two goof off when he's working BUT
I'm not my father so please KEEP IT DOWN!!"
Maili spun on her heel and march back to her house. We waited until she
had dissapeared before we started to laughing,

" Think she was mad?" Takashi asked I shook my head,

" Nah, she didn't start throwing things at us yet."

Takashi nodded in agreement,
"Yeah I forgot that but, still I beat lets call it a day okay?"
I shrugged,
" Thats okay with me."
" Okay then see you tomorrow."
I nodded and took off in the air, life was good.

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