Chapter Three...

I watched as Sei take off, I spat in the ground with discuss. ' And to think he's of Jurian blood!' I went back and began to train. Ever since I fought Sei and lost I been on a quest to surpass him, but being on this tiny planet doesn't help much. Typing what I wanted I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. " Simulation will now comenice..."

There was the sound of the cylinders raising to their positions.

" Now begining Level II .... gravity now at 310...."

I felt a strong force tring to knock me down as the test was begining.


"This program is amazing Dr." I complemented the Doctor

"Thank you I knew you would like it."

I watched the Dr leave then I punched the wall in frustration

" Damn it!! this is taking longer then I had expected!!"

I took a deep breath,

'Calm down Kanoi just be more paitent'

I straigthen myself " Yes... I just have to wait alittle longer."

I left the simulation room and walked to the "Restricticed Area" I looked around until I saw what I was Looking for.

Smiling I did a complete dionastic scan, " Very clever Dr. You set up a "Voice Activiaed" only system." I thought about it from a moment then I had it. I focused my energy on the sound of Dr.Amaru's voice.

'Here goes nothing.'

"Computer...I want the files of TEST SUBJECT: Kanoi printed out."

I was proud of myself I memic Dr.Amaru voice perfectly.

" Checking voical anialis...."

"C' stupid computer!! Hurry up!"

" Voical chords are a match... Printing out files of TEST SUBJECT: Kanoi now...."

I sighed deeply on the inside.

I needed to find out a cuople of things about myself I knew the Dr. would not answer.


" I feel the seas changing...I feel something coming upon us... something evil, really, really evil and strong. Yes we must perpare for it the times of peace are slowly drawing to a close."

I snapped out of my deep meditation when that thought acrossed my mind.

" Yes... the times of peace are drawing to an end." a floch of sea gull drew my attention as all of a sudden they took off in restlesness. And the Earth knows it also to."

After the gulls had disappeared I too took off into the air, I needed to go to see Kale he would know. I hated to do that ... but I needed some answers and he was the only one who might be able to. I arrived at Kale's temple a few hours later, he looked surprised to see me.

"Kain... of what do I own this pleasure of your visit?"

I frowned deeply at him, " Cut this formality crap... you know what I'm here about. Something us seriously wrong with you if you can't sense what I am sensing Kale."

He looked at me then turned away, " Zeta... please leave us... I-I need to speak with Kain alone, if you please" and then I knew

Kale knew why I had came here. " I knew it was only a matter of time until you would be here..Kain."

I crossed my arms " So you sensed it as well I take?"

He nodded but didn't turn around. After a long while Kale said slowly,

" It is like a power I've never seen before...Kain...I fear--I fear when it's released that there will be nothing we can do about it."

I was shocked, speachless "Nothing!!" I shouted Kale did'nt say anything else. I felt my patients with in a the boiling point. Clenching my fist I tried to gain bach some control. " Well can you atleast tell who this THING is?"

"No I'm sorry I can't, but I do know this, per---thing wheelding this incredible power comes from a long line of the most powerful beings this planet has ever seen."

"Thats all huh? so you're saying thats there no way in hell we can defeat this furture monster is that right! It that What you're telling me?"


" WELL I WON"T EXCEPT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted.


" So do you mean this thing will be stronger then all of us combined?" "Un-huh"

" Even stronger than.... "

" Yes even stornger than Sei."

I didn't no what else to say I was sient. "See Kain... when you've watch a planet like I have for so long you... tend... to know these things before it become more sensitive to whats happening all around you."

"I-I have to go."


I watched Kain take off into the air,

"Master Kale... what is the matter?" I smiled sadly but I didn't turn to face him I just couldn't and not lose face.

Still staring ay were Kain had taken off I took a deep breath.

"You see Zeta Kain and I sensed the same thing...."

"And what is that master?"

" The end of peace as we know it soon,very soon a force will be released on this planet unlike anything the fighters will have ever seen."

"Master...have you seen this power before then?"

" Yes Zeta I have... but can not remember where and I can't place my finger on when either."

"So the fighters will be going into this thing blind then Master?"

"Yes they will"

"Heaven help them."

" Yes heaven help them."

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