Something About Courtney

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If you were to ask for my personal opinion,there are still some pretty weird sexual fetishes in the world--and this story just happens to be one of them,for it takes place on April Fools Day,which was Thursday,the first day of April in the year 2004.

You see,it had all started at the campus of Yale University,where a new student named Courtney Aniston has finally arrived at the school and wanted to get started on her studies in the field of computer graphics.

But unknown to the faculty staff and the other students,there was something about Courtney,for after she has been escourted to her dorm room and she had looked at the scenery outside the window,she had witnessed one of the male students throwing a water bomb at an unsuspecting female student,laughing his head off and yelling,"APRIL FOOLS!",before running away from the scene.

After she had witnessed that prank,a sudden heat flash had spread all over the body of the Helen Baxendale type beauty as if she had just wanted to make mad,passionate love to that practical joker,but she has to find him first.

After her first class,she was able to discover that his name was Matthew Schwimmer,who has been a class clown ever since high school and he has been pulling pranks on all of the other female students long before she had shown up.

Just then,a sudden wave of inspiration had entered her brain and gave her the idea for the perfect payback prank.

And so,a few minutes later,while he was sitting under a large shady tree and going over his study notes,a ball of paper had hit Matt on the back of the head,causing him to turn around fast,in order to see who had thrown it at him,only to discover that there was no one behind him.

Just then,after a confused Matt had picked up the ball of paper and opened it up,he had suddenly became curious,because it was actually a note from his sci-med teacher,Professor Kudrow and it said that he wanted Matt to meet him at the campus library immediately.

However,as soon as he had arrived at the library,Matt had looked around and began calling for Professor Kudrow,only to find himself face to face with Courtney,who was standing in front of him and wearing only a man's tie and suit jacket.

"I'm so very sorry,but Professor Kudrow had to go on a very important errand and won't be back for an hour or so.",said Courtney,while she was slowly walking her way towards him."Do you want to leave a message?"

And then,after he had let out a smile and placed his hands on her nude body,Matt answered,"Well then,maybe you could help me with my anatomy homework."

And so,after they had removed all of their clothes and laid their nude bodies on one of the tables,the duo had began to experience their first moment of raw and untamed erotica together.

Then,halfway through their sensual experience,Courtney had looked over at the video camcorder that she had hidden on one of the many shelves that were filled with books and let out a huge smile,because she was videotapping their sexual experience,in order to make copies and sell to the other students.

But suddenly,after they had completed their moment of pure sensual pleasure and she was about to walk over to the camcorder,take the tape out of it and leave the room,something had happened--something that had deep sixed that idea.

Matt had placed his hand on Courtney's arm and said,"No.Don't go.Please stay.I love you and I'll always love you with all of my heart."

And after she had heard what he had said to her,a teary eyed Courtney had placed herself back on her newfound lover and the both of them had fallen asleep in each other's naked arms.

But even though they had fallen in love with each other,Courtney's little April Fools joke on Matt had worked after all,for after he had finally opened his eyes,the look of shock had appeared on Matt's face,because all of the other students were standing over the duo and cheering them on like they would cheer on their favorite NFL team during the Super Bowl.