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The next morning Selena came down the stairs saying her normal cheerful good morning to Chelsea and Rachel when she saw that Chelsea wasn't there. Rachel sat in her pajamas on the couch watching t.v., but at the counter there was an empty stool where Chelsea normally sat and ate while reading her Archie Comic. Selena and Rachel looked at each other and shared a look that screamed "uh oh". They heard a crash of thunder the rain storm that had been going on since early morning reminding them that it was still there. "Where could she be?" Selena thought out loud, both her and Rachel having the exact same thought in their minds.



Chapter 2

At another clap of thunder, Selena and Rachel looked up. There was someone knocking on the door. Running to the door in hope of finding Chelsea they unlocked the door and flung it open to have Adam run in drenched from the rain.

"Adam? What are you doing here?" Selena asked, disappointed at not finding Chelsea on the other side of the door.

"Chelsea isn't answering her beeper, and the power went out before I could use the phone to call the dorm." Adam explained, shaking his head in an attempt to free his hair from the rain water.

"Whoa Rover, ever hear of a towel?" Rachel asked sarcastically handing him a towel.

"Oh, thanks." Adam said sheepishly.

"So where's Chels?" He asked finally.

Rachel and Selena looked at each other again. Adam loved Chelsea, a lot. He had had a crush on her since middle school. She never really paid attention to him though, he was one of her best friends; she would probably never look at Adam the way he looked at her. But that wasn't the point, how would he respond to her probably being at some guy's house? Selena took a deep breath and was about to speak but it was Rachel who spoke.

"We don't know."


Adam didn't respond all that well....he exploded in a roar of "WHAT?!?!?" then non-stop for maybe 15 minutes asked where she might be or who she might be with and where they were last night, etc. etc.

It was 7:30; the rain was still coming down in buckets. Adam tried phoning his dorm, the power was still out so he just stayed with Rachel and Selena.

Suddenly there was another banging on the locked door, someone wanted in from the pouring rain.

Adam and Selena raced to the door, way ahead of Rachel. Adam reached the door first but Selena hip checked him out of the way and opened the door.

Chelsea stood there, totally drenched from them taking so long to get to the door; Standing in her mini skirt and blouse from last night, she looked to be willing herself to be invisible.

"Chelsea! Where have you been all night?!?" Selena exclaimed, pulling her drenched friend in from the rain.

As she closed the door, Adam groaned and got up from the floor where he had fallen from Selena's tackle.

Chelsea was silent; all she really did was say she was fine and run upstairs to get changed; hoping to the highest heavens that Selena and Rachel didn't realize that wasn't the shirt she had been wearing last night.

Wearing her normal day clothes, Chelsea came down and started to pour her cereal.

Her short light brown hair hung down to her shoulders, hiding her face from Rachel, Selena and Adam, who were staring at her like she was the thing from the black lagoon.

Finally someone moved, Adam left the room for a while.

"Chels, tell me you didn't." Selena said.

"Didn't what?" Chelsea asked absently, still eating her cereal.

Chelsea would have laughed at how red Selena turned, but she was too tired to.

After gulping air for a bit, Selena finally spoke.

"Where were you last night and this morning??"


Chelsea woke, but kept her eyes closed. She let her other senses wake her up.

It was cold, a brisk early spring late winter draft of a dorm room similar to hers. She could feel the thin blanket pulled up to just below her shoulders, her bare shoulders, and the straps of her bra. Her mini skirt hugging her legs, and her beeper vibrating lightly on the belt of her skirt. The smell of a light cologne in the air. Like Axe she guessed; and most prominently the softness of the skin beside her. She laid her head on Matt's bare chest, her hand close by. Pressing closer to Matt to keep warm, she opened her bright green eyes becoming aware of even more stuff. But mainly that she recognized the place she was in.

It was a dorm room like all the dorm rooms in the dormitory where a party was a few weeks ago. Her friend Adam had invited her to it, which kind of ticked off Rachel and Selena because he didn't invite them.

Matt had a peaceful look on his face, still asleep she thought. On her wrist she saw her digital watch it was 6:30 and she knew she had a class at 8.

Carefully she moved her hand to get her beeper off her belt, swatting Matt's hand away from it gently so not to wake him she plucked it off the side of her hip.

She had had four pages since 6:15. Two from Adam and one each from Selena and Rachel. She sighed and put the beeper back. Snuggling back up to Matt, she closed her eyes after setting her watch's alarm for 7:15.

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