The mouse babe Pulchra lay in her bed, unable to sleep. Her father, Hiems, came into her room.

"Daddy, I'm having trouble sleeping." She told him, sitting up in bed.

"Well, how about I tell you a little story?" Hiems asked.

"Okay!" Pulchra exclaimed.

"I'm going to tell you the story of Aquam.

"Aquam was a little cloud, who had a very big problem. He loved water vapor.

"Aquam inhaled so much water vapor, that he felt like he was about to burst.

"So, he flew around, up in the sky, like a wild horse runs through an open filed, or a bird soars through the air, asking, 'what do I do, oh what do I do? I've consumed so much vapor that I'm going to explode! Help me, please! I'm too young!' On and on he went, not knowing what to do, when he spotted some clouds, just like him, bloated with water vapor! So, he joined them, and within minutes, he was free of the vapor, having let it sail down to the earth. After he was free of the vapor that had swelled him up so horribly, Aquam asked an elderly cloud, 'Kind sir, can you tell me what happens to that vapor we've just released?'

"The elderly cloud replied, 'Son, it goes down to the people and animals in the form of rain, a wet substance that helps their crops to grow and relieves their thirsts.'

"Aquam was greatly relieved by this, and flee on his merry, thanking the wise cloud as he left.

"Thus, that's how we get rain. The clouds in the sky like Aquam get so stuffed with vapor, that they give it to us, to help us live."

When the story was finished, little Pulchra was sleeping peacefully, her small chest expanding and contracting evenly and slowly.

"Goodnight, my little Pulchra." Hiems said, kissing her forehead.