I sit here
All alone
Wondering if
As I think of you
If your thinking of me
Wondering if
Your sitting alone
In your room
And thinking of me
I've told you I love you
But I never told you how much I think about you
It's as constant as the blood flowing through my veins
I wish we could be together
But it seems that we're always falling apart
This is something that glue can't fix
And the goodness in your mother heart
Has just about run out
I wish I could take back what it was
That made her ban me from seeing you
The happiness has run low since that
But every time I see you
You put a burst of happiness in me
I wish she would forgive me
So we could be happy
The sadness is overwhelming
I feel like dieing
But I'm holding on for you
For our sake
I don't want to let go
But I feel as if I'm going to be forced to
I'm holding on for as long as I can
My palms are getting sweaty
The bar is greased
But I'll rearrange my hold
Lace my hands together
Hold on forever