" Freddy's a Commin' "
The woods were quiet, and the roads were clear,
here comes Freddy causing panic and fear.
He finds a cottage and hides inside,
upstairs he goes to slash my hide.
Here he comes on up the stairs,
in his battered clothes with rips and tears.
Down the hall and to my door,
I finally realized my life is no more.
Out the window jumping to a tree,
I scream and realize I am free!!
I got in the car and started it up,
drove two feet and then got stuck.
He trudged through the mud with a real wide grin,
coming at me with his claws of tin.
Out of the car running with all my might,
through the woods in the darkest of night.
I got to a cemetery after climbing a hill,
if only this were a movie it would be a great thrill.
Out comes Freddy coming round the bend,
I knew right there my life was at its end.
He came up to me staring eye to eye,
then he hit me with a pie.
He burst out with a roaring laugh,
I started to think that he must be daft.
I turn to run but then I trip,
while I'm falling I do a flip.
He then comes to me and gives me a poke,
and then he says "relax it's just a joke."