You're a cancer, a tumor,
So malignant it's killing me,
I know that I should cut you out,
But I'm afraid how that will make me bleed.

She's my treatment, my cure,
Preventing pain deep inside
That lurks below, unseen unkown,
And makes me think that I have lied.

Mind is pregnant with thoughts unsaid,
I want to break you to be free,
But I know that I can never
Give birth to words inside of me.

You are a scab I always pick,
So that this wound never heals,
I want to leave it but you itch,
And there's days I wish I couldn't feel.

She's a salve to sooth the pain,
Removes the burn from old scars,
Renewing vigor to the brain,
Giving solace unfound in these bars.

Bitter potions distort this mind,
There swollen words find way to lips,
I'm sorry for these tears you cry,
But we both knew it'd come to this.

I know you don't think I care,
But these sunken knuckles can attest,
They've been broken too many times
Trying to save the heart inside your chest.

So now it's out, and now its done,
I'll let her heal these broken bones.
I know you think I'm on the run,
But truth the is I feel so at home.