A light rush of fingers
Crossing a keyboard,
To contact a friend,
On the other side,
Of an ever growing world.

A simple click of a mouse,
Sends out private thoughts,
Into hyper space,
Rippling and tumbling,
With the world's dreams.

The power of humans,
To scary to imagine,
We can take and deliver life,
With but a nod of a head,
A shot of a gun.

The internet provides,
With everything you need,
Everything you want.
Absorbed in a world,
Of light and sound.

It drags you away,
Into a fantasy,
Do you ever want to leave?
Is there a danger?
In this world you create.

To trap your self on the screen,
To no longer want to live,
This is not addiction,
It is a life,
Away from breathe.

It sucks you in,
Imagination and power,
Fantasies and unique worlds,
A world without tears,
A world you can control.

Death and anger,
Swept away,
Only what you want,
On the screen the keys,
You will always stay.

Leave this world forever,
Your life is drained away,
Your eyes weary,
Your heart drowns in nothingness,
It's called death on the keys.

By Siobhan
Date: 4/April/2004