Kill or Be Killed


"Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, never in the history of Akujunkan Underground Fighting Tournament, has the underground world seen a fighter like this!" The announcer shouted in excitement.

"Getting you guys live coverage, right from the frontline, is me," he pointed to himself, "*Ookami Sochi! The hooded fighter steppes into 20x20 ring, and the other fighter, is..*Nuranura Itachi!!!!!! The weasel king! But the mysterious opponent, we have yet to see.."

The hooded fighter took a slender hand and in one, fluid motion, the opponent took off her robes.

The spectators gasped, and Ookami jumped in delight, "Could it be? Yes! It's *Fenikkusu Kasai, I'm stunned she would even grace us with her god- like presence!"

"This is going to be an interesting match!!!"


*Ookami Sochi= Wolf Son *Nuranura Itachi= Slippery Weasel *Fenikkusu Kasai= Phoenix Fire