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1. Phoenix Fire and the Dark White Fox

Fenikkusu stood inside the ring, features illuminated by the eerie
She wore a long skirt that was cut from feet to thighs on both sides, and
a kind of wrap-around tube top. Her shoes where kind of like leather
socks that went up to her knees, and had bracelets that went from her
wrists to her elbows. She had neon-red hair that curtained her shoulders.

Nuranura sniggered, "So.the legendary 'Phoenix Goddess' stops by for a
I'll weasel my way by YOU!" She smirked vaguely, "That's what your best
at isn't it?" The whole arena was silenced, her rich laughter filled the
ring and a pale blue fire formed round her.

The weasel king made a sad attempt to snake by her, but she caught him
from out of nowhere, she drew a crystal dagger, and it glowed with
transferred power. She pulled him close and whispered, "Try this.", she
viciously stabbed him through the back. The dagger grew, until it tore
through his chest.

Fenikkusu extracted the dagger, and dropped his limp body. She stuck out
a hand over the corpse and chanted. A glowing figure stepped from the
dead body, and came to hold her hand.

As soon as the apparition touched her slender fingers, it screamed in
agony. She smiled and absorbed his energy. The crowds roared at the
instant victory, but deeply feared her true powers.whatever they may be.

{Later in Fenikkusu's hotel room}

Steam came from the crack of open door of the bathroom. The dark
silhouette moved down the narrow hall. He came into the bathroom, With
the shower on, figure humming inside.

He smirked to himself, such a powerful fighter, but such a easy target..

He reached inside to pull her out, covering her mouth.
The girl's wide eyes filled with contempt.
He blushed a little, and handed her a towel. She covered herself. He let
her go, and she snarled, "What is the meaning of this?! I put a heavy-
duty charm on that door! Who are you?!"

He winked at and looked at her; he could see the outline of her hips.
"Pervert.", she said blandly. He laughed, "*Neruka Byakko, at your
service, ma'm, at the risk of sounding cliché'."

A ball of light formed in her left hand. Neruka stepped foreward, and
closed her fist, "I'm no threat to you, miss."

"Ha! I'm really supposed to believe that after you broke into here,
severing my heaviest lock charm?" She accused. He winced, "Yeah, I admit,
that really wasn't a classy entrance.but 'ya gotta believe me on this,
you're on the Makaie assassin group's blacklist, on top."

She crossed her arms, "And, how, may I ask, do you know all this?"
Neruka scowled at her, "Try..just try, to trust me." She walked out of
the bathroom, "You should get dressed, and take only what's important to
'ya, got it?" He suggested.

She packed her clothes and weapons in a medium-sized knapsack.
They left the door open, and started down the stairwell. Seven people
dressed in black made their way up.

"Walk away slowly; come on, before they get us." Neruka whispered. "I can
fight them." Fenikkusu protested. He grabbed her arm, "Its better we
don't. Back up against the wall, hurry, they're coming."

They came around the top of the stairs; he quickly pressed against her
and kissed her.
Her eyes widened in surprise, the assassins passed them by, soundlessly.
After they were gone, she roughly shoved him off.

"What was THAT?!" She hissed, looking around her uneasily. He wiped his
mouth with his sleeve, "Did you see any other way? They know what you
look like. By the way," he smirked, "..You're a good kisser."

"Hmpf!" Fenikkusu kicked him in the ankle. He jumped up, "Ow! What? Just
stating a fact."

"What was that?!" , said a snake-like voice.
The assassins came back down the hallway. Fenikkusu looked into their
eyes, she gasped, they weren't human..

"Fenikkusu! RUN!" He pulled her away, but she wouldn't budge, "I'm not
the type of gal to run!" She said.
Fenikkusu took a flat diamond disk out of her miniskirt's pocket, it was
shaped in an 'x'. "F-F-Fenikkusu! What is that?!" Neruka stuttered.

She made the star glow, and made a throwing gesture, but instead of
throwing the actual star, she exerted her energy, in the disk's form.

They landed with pin-accuracy, in each assassin's head. Fenikkusu sighed
in relief. But the victory was short-lived when they got back up, she
stepped back in fear, the blood running down their foreheads was black.
"That was one of my strongest attacks..WHAT ARE YOU?!!!!" ,she screamed.

"Come on!" Neruka yelled. He pulled her, and this time she went along. He
stopped at the window, and opened it onto the small circular balcony. "On
the count of three.THREE!" They jumped, and right before hitting the
ground, Neruka sent a blast to the ground , softening their fall.

He dragged her around the corner, and stopped at a motorcycle, he threw
an extra helmet a her, "Get on quick, they're rounding the bend." They
sped off quickly, until they stopped at cliff overhanging the seashore.

He got off and stood a the edge of the cliff, she came over to him,
"Don't you think I deserve an explanation?"

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Neruka Byakko= Dark Spirit (white) Fox
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