When I feel forgotten,
I feel like disappearing,
To a world,
Where there is only me,
And the one who runs free.
Gallop across the fields,
Shadowed by nothing,
Open to the burning sun.
Feel the wind whipping my face,
The speed increasing,
As I run past nothing,
Going nowhere.
When I feel forgotten,
I like to turn to my only true friend.
One who will never leave my side,
When I fall.
He stands by me,
Until I am ready,
To get up again.
My only true friend,
Will grow old with me,
Be loyal to me,
And love me.
My only true friend,
My saviour,
My horse.

.:a/n:. Yeah, sometimes when I feel alone, I just wish I had a horse that I
could just go ride in a field cause I love em. Lol. This poem sucks, but it
just sort of came out cause I'm feeling alone right now.