When the birds fly by,
When there's no more room to cry,
When the moon falls down,
And I thought that I would drown,
Then I remembered you,
And just like I never knew,
That the sky was gone,
That darkness fell,
And that my heart,
Lost in hell,
When the birds flew by,
And I remembered how to fly,
When the moon fell down,
And I picked up my brilliant crown,
Then I never forgot,
And ore this road I slowly trot,
Though never ending,
And yet never minded,
I still walk on,
And never blinded.
So when the birds fly by,
And you forget that you can try,
And when the moon falls down,
And your heart had never found
Where you'd like to wander
And though you often ponder
I'll just think of you,
And you, of me,
I'd question it,
But then,
You already knew.