Not sure of who I am,
I've worn too many masks.
The tough one,
The smart one,
The wise one,
The crazy one.
Never have I taken one off,
Without putting another on.
No one knows me for me,
I don't even know me for me.
Trying to find,
Out who I am.
What I like,
And the thoughts my mind possesses.
Slowly I'm getting me back,
And slowly I peel away the mask.
I try to make it unnoticeable,
But you notice,
And you question.
Unprepared and not sure,
I don't have answers.
I just mumble and avoid,
The stares from your eyes.
I tried so hard to find a mask,
That suited my friends the best.
I never once tried to be who I was,
And for that,
I've lost all sense of identity.
Regrets fill my head,
Fear of never knowing,
Who I am,
And the destiny I hold.
What if I can't get me back?
What if I can't build it up again?
I've ruined many years,
Of my life.
Too consumed in what others though,
To be myself.