Ok? You want play?
I'm game.
Let's go.
You lie there crying on the floor
You can't take it anymore
Life just sucks, can't you see?
You won't even look at me
Life's so hard and so not fair
No one seems to really care
You sit there thinking
'Bout your sinking
'Bout some sex and "harmless" drinking
No one's perfect
No one's "it"
Why don't you get the heck over it?
So what that life's no picnic
So what that life's no ball
He's right there in your face
And you won't give Him a call
Why so prideful?
Why so smug?
That crap is just another drug
For you to take
To make you better
But on cold days
Not your sweater
And it never can be
You wanna hide?
That's fine with me
But soon.you'll see
That you can run all you want
And those things, they'll still haunt
You in the night in endless torture
Feeling hot? Like a scorcher
Give it up, let it go
'Cuz you don't really know
All the answers to your problems

You think I'm done?
Babe, I just got started
Cuz ever since we parted
We've been left broken-hearted
You wanna keep nodding'
That it's ok
When you're empty every day
Ok, play that game
If you wanna live in shame
But I'm not quitting'
Till' you stop hitting'
At those demons in the air
Till' you actually say a prayer
You think I'm angry?
Yeah I am
I'm sick of this game we're playing
Aren't you listening to what I'm saying?
I'm not sugar coating it anymore
My heart's so friken sore
From crying on the floor
I see your pain, it makes me mourn
But my love for you I've sworn
I don't cry cuz you tell me you're hurting
I cry cuz you're not listening and seeing
The beautiful person that you are
You think you've got it under control huh?
You think that killing yourself will kill the pain?
Quite frankly, I'm not so sure that someone
Who wants to kill themselves is so "in tune"
With what's best for them or what the solution
Is to others problems
So before you make our mind up for us
About what's best for us to do
Give us some friken credit for once
Hey, we might be saying' something' true
I don't ask for righteousness
I don't ask for perfection
I'm just telling you what He said
I'm just in the selection
Of all the people who are trying
To help you understand
That, YES, He IS there for you
And He'll lend a helping hand
If you just shut up for once and let Him do the talking
You'll soon find out that you're the lame who believed and started walking
I love you more than words can express
And although the truth is hard
Just think of all the walls coming down
That have forever held their guard
I repeat I am not perfect
And I haven't led the best life
Underneath it all
I'm still a little girl with strife
I have no clue what you're going through
Or why you hurt so much
But I know that if you let Him
It only takes one touch
Let it go, my friend
Hold on to what's real
Then you'll see what's at the rainbow
Is something quite surreal