Dark Man
Not dark just in appearance
But in mind and soul
The essence of night
You drag you hand
In the swirling vortex
Of the fleeing shadows
And bind them
At your slightest whim
To veil your thoughts
To cloak your heart
To cloud my senses
Yet they draw me to you even more
Pulling me towards you
Even as you run away
Far away, towards your castle
That looms hauntingly above the horizon
It taunts me with its high gates
And vicious thorns
Calling out in a piercing voice
"You can never have him
He is the Night's alone
No mortal can he love"
But I can't help my need to be with you
And so I chase after you
Down this rarely trodden street
While your cloak flaps madly in the howling wind
And the hissing shadows run from my light
They are upset that I, of all people, caused their retreat
And so the shadows claw at my throat
Trying to keep me away
Trying to keep me form calling out your name, Dark Man
I don't care, no sound is needed
You can hear my thoughts
Feel my soul, crying out to you
Or so I hope
Unexpectedly, the shadows stop tearing at me
The night becomes still
Silent as a graveyard
I turn the corner
I skid to a stop
There is my Dark Man
Facing away from me
Standing completely still
Swathed in his shadows
He stands proudly, his cloak flowing gracefully around him
"Dark Man?" I ask hopefully, my heart pounding
You turn around, my dear Dark Man
My heart catches in my throat
The world pauses
And all stop to gaze upon the Lord of the Night
A fluttering noise
Your cape drifts to the ground
And I see the true you
You may be the Dark Man
But you are also my Angel
I reach for you as you reach for me
And together we walk away
Hand in hand
Lady and Lord of the Night
To rule our Shadow Kingdom
Together for eternity