God in my mouth
I choke on your god
it taste like dirt in my mouth
It sticks to my tongue
and coats my throat
This is my body this is my blood
Eat me you cannibals
Take me into your mouth
make me one with you
why do you fear me
are you mad are you blue
me I am just sick of this
unending shit
ever winter
ever spring
I'm swamped by your lick
Buy this crap for my kids
Because someone was born
Two thousand years to date
Lift up my hands and convert to your fate
What kind of shit are you pushing my dear backwards friends
When will this madness come to an end
You speak of peace joy and forgiveness
But every time I turn around
Your waging war again
How many must die
before you learn something
your faith is like fire
raging high burning low
flaring up in seconds
but goodness don't you know
I ve seen this act so many times
I am sick to my stomach of it
how can someone of such deep faith
put up with all this shit
are your kids too dump to know the truth
are you scared they'll see the lies
why do you make up all this gilt
to cover up the flies
face it you've rotted out
the faces are facts it seems
whenever the pastor is near
you're faith flares up it gleams
Sunday christians please sit down
You dress up bow down low
But as soon as your pager rings
sorry god I ve got to go
and yet its you oh pious one
who looks at me in disdain
when I strike your shit off my shoe
and wipe it on your name
its just an act you grotto whore
you church hopping waste of life
if I was one of lower creed
I go at you with a knife
Id cut the cover from off your lies
Id let all see your shame
But I am one of quiet morals
But one who knows your game
This filth in my mouth that tastes like dirt
Is only what you fed me
If my view of one higher than you is wrong
Its not my fault
All I know is what you say is true
And if its not then wow
If you don't know who your god is
Stand up and take a bow

~Just pissed at all this easter crap that's up. All you see is pink chicks
and bunnies. I know enough about the christian faith to be sickened by this
shit and any true christian who practices true faith would have that cutesy
shit replaced with the truth. Nat the angry Buddhist.