In restless sleep by myself I lay
With love that wish not to heal, but to slay
Me who has none but loneliness and hurt
With hatred I embrace, with vanity I flirt
Silence accompanies me as my loyal servant
While I am stabbed and wounded for amusement
Why love Why hurt Why the cycle of pain
That only brings death to the sane
Why does Sadness grip me in a vice
There to be no luck in loaded dice
From this eternal nightmare I wake
Everything, everything from me take
For I am unworthy, give me not the joy
Of passion and the sweetness of coy.
The passage to happiness has been shut
Closed to me forever, I am tis but
A pawn, an insignificant, worthless tick
That leeches off the world, already sick
Come, sadness, come and embrace me again
For now I know, in love there is no gain.