I never new a past memory,
Could hurt so much...
To the point of physical pain.
Am I OK?
I don't know,
I hope you do,
Because I'm sick of this pain...

I never new the ghosts
Would come out once again,
I thought I locked them up,
I thought I hid away the pain.

I never new what happened,
Would come back to haunt,
I had pressed it up inside,
Without so much of a thought.

I never wanted this,
I thought it couldn't be true,
It only happens in movies,
Not to me, but to you.

It's something you only hear about,
Is what I always thought,
But the spider has come back,
The web of my mind it haunts.

I new I must tell you,
For I fear it shall happen again,
I need you to be there,
For I rely on you to fend.

I know that's asking a lot,
But I hate the feeling of him,
The way he looked at me,
His fingers on my skin,

I couldn't move, I froze up,
I regret not screaming now,
The tears roll down my face,
I need you there somehow.

But I give up; it's not to be,
Yet I still fear that you shant come,
For that's what happened last time,
And it's the other boy who won.

By Siobhan
Date: 5/April/2004