Mock my words

Mock my words they shall deliver you yet
As you see me chanting steadily
Eyes opened and mind so clear
You may fear me or deny me
What it is your ears cant hear
Do you not feel the power
Steadily rising with my voice
Can you not see it clearly
I am cleaning up my life's choice
This is my mirror
In it I see me
Not in body
But the soul within
With my hands
Held together in respect
I discover what I lack

To you I seem to sit here singing
Praises to a simple scroll
But you my friend are blind and clouded
By things you cannot behold
This here I see is a mirror of me
A symbol of my very life
It is not to it I am praying
but to that which protects from strife
no not your savior no bloody christ
or invisible god but the force which holds together
everything single living thing
or substance of this earth

The causes I make will take me further
Further than you can ever dream
The choices I make will keep me happy
Happier than I've ever been
When know the effects of your actions
And accept them as your own
You can come to me dear friend
Iam still chanting here alone
Steeple your hands and raise your eyes
Focus on the writing there
Where kings of sutras
And protective forces
Outline the law/truth before your eyes
Think not of the characters
Or the burden of accepting truth and never lies

As we chant her in meditation
Let your mind hang open still
And thought of life and all it has
Instore for you come in
Thing on your future not the fortune
Which sitting her will bring
But keep in mind the actions taken
That will release that force with in
When you leave me sitting here
Your mind will doubt for sure
You will go back to crying praises to a god next door
But I care not for what you do
as long as its done correctly
but if its wrong and fall done
there's no need to suspect me

all I ve said and all I ve done is given you a mirror of life
if it is dirty then you have to clean it
scrub filth away push back strife
for every action done by you
the effect is hovering near
if the action was something unjust
karma bites your rear

cry not now for I ve told you all
and even more for you to grow
just clean your mirror and seek your fortune
in this life and the next
but do not dwell on actions of the past
keep your eye on your next step
face your mirror daily to attest
that next morning will bring good news
keep your eyes open and clear
and never let doubt cloud your views
this Gohonzon exists inside of you
so seek it no where else
the mirror is not for vanity
your actions are the ultimate test.

*~ Gohonzon - Nichiren Daishonin inscribed the fundamental object of respect , the Gohonon. The object, in the form of a scroll , depicts , in Chinese characters, the law of Nam myoho Renge Kyo and the life of Nichiren, as well as protective influences . Down the center are the characters Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Nichiren's signature. This indicates the oneness of person and Law - that condition of Buddhahood is a potential within and can be manifested by all people . Practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism enshrine a replica of the Gohonzon in their homes as a focal point for their daily practice. The power of the Gohonzon comes from the worshippers faith- the Gohonzon functions as a spiritual mirror . Sitting in front of the Gohonzon and chanting , a person is able to recognize and reveal his/her own Buddha nature , the creative essence of life.

The significance of the object of devotion-the Gohonzon - in the practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism , lies not in the literal meaning of the characters but in the fact that it embodies the life of the original Buddha, or the Law of Man-myoho-renge-kyo. No extra benefit accrues to those who can read the Gohonzon, and knowing what is written on the Gohonzon does not mean that one understands the Gohonzon itself. Some characters of the Gohonzon are historical persons, mythical figures or Buddhist gods. Nichiren used them to represent the actual functions of the universe and of our own lives . All these functions are clustered around Nam-myoho-renge-kyo; therefore , the Gohonzon is the embodiment of the life of Buddhahood within us..