You stare out the window through glazed blue eyes, your pencil suspended in mid-air, as if trying to write a thought. Your brown hair sways gently in an invisible breeze that surrounds only you. Your shirt loosely hangs off your shoulder, its blue colour accenting your eyes. A look of terror momentarily face, your eyes focus and I see a red flame flicker across your eyes. You put your head on your desk, and I can see from where I sit your body shivering. When you look up a moment later your cheeks are tear stained, your eyelashes clinging together, unable to bear reality. You look at me and for a moment we lock eyes, and I try to pour hope into your dark heart. I try to banish the shadows from where they lurk, in your very soul. You look away, and brush away your tears, then look at your paper and begin to write. I look at my own paper and then in the barren quiet room I whisper an oath. " Your secret is safe. I am not a teller. I am known as an Observer.