You're my religion,
My blind faith,
My perfect
Symmetrical snowflake,
Or one of those
Greek mythical creatures,
As I worship,
Uttering a prayer
Of three simple words,
I sacrifice my time,
Slitting its throat,
And letting its minutes, hours,
Bleed for you,
I await your return,
In the shadows,
Wrapped up,
Cocooned in my mind's
Synchronized spider webs.
In time
By the Great Inquisition,
Thrown into society's dungeon
Of shame,
I'll be torched.
Yet all is in vain,
When my faith and my love
Has entered new phase,
A metaphysical state,
Yes, after all,
There is some witchcraft at hand,
And I'd rather be burned,
With your name carved on my heart,
And in my agony's thrill
At last I will feel, that we're no longer apart.