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The Chosen

My family and I were spending a quiet time at home that night. My parents were downstairs talking and drinking tea. My brother was in the training room working on his sword swing, and I was playing with the dog.
As I was playing with Drasil he started whining, whimpering, and snarling all at the same time he had never done that before; all of a sudden he ran to the front door, and I followed behind him. I thought my maybe it was a neighbor or someone.
I was about to move the curtain in front of the door to open it, when the door burst open and a sword slashed at the curtain. I stumbled back, then I heard Drasil whimper in pain, and then I saw the man attached to the sword. I ran screaming up the stairs to my room.
As I reached the top of the stairs I heard a commotion and I saw blood fly, and I heard a scream and then another and then silence and then again I heard another scream.
I braced my door shut, and I hide under my bed scared of what just happened, and what was going to happen to me. That, monster, killed my family, and now was most likely going to kill me next. I'm only fifteen I can't die, I won't die, I had to do something. Before I could even move, he busted though the door grabbed me from under the bed, and pinned me to the bed. I tried to scream but he clamped my mouth shut with his hand.
He said "We don't want people to hear us now do we." I was so scared so I complied and shook my head no. Then he said, "Ok, now, will you be a good girl Rasra and answer my questions without screaming." He slowly removed his hand from my mouth.
I answered, "Ok" in a very small voice.
He asked, "Are you scared of me, the Dark Lord?"
I tried to put up a brave front so I answered, "No" but I was shivering in fear badly, so it came out weak and stuttered.
He laughed, but none of the humor in his voice appeared in his eyes. Then, he spoke, " Don't lie to me, my lovely Rasra. Tell me the truth, do you fear me, and I know you do, your shaking in fear."
Something inside me snapped, maybe it was what he just said, or I didn't care if I died anymore, or maybe both. All that was fore sure was, I wasn't scared anymore. I was pissed.
I spoke with such force, " No, I am not scared of you." He was surprised to see the fires of hatred burning in my eyes, instead of my fear.
His eyes were a blaze with emotions. Some how I knew and recognized, some I did not. I saw hate, fear, contempt and more. But it was the emotions that I did not recognize that truly troubled me for what they felt like was not pain or evil, but something totally different towards me.
He spoke, " I must kill you for you are one of the chosen, but I look at you and I, my insides feel all. I kill you now!" He raised his sword and moved to place the killing blow, but he stopped. " I will not kill you girl I will keep you instead until I find out why I feel this way." And with that he turned the blade to the handle and knocked me out cold.
I lay in the darkness thinking of that fateful night that the Dark Lord killed my family and took me from home. How cruel he was that night, but when we got to his castle how generous and gentle he acts toward me.
The Dark Lord gives me any and everything a princess would ask for, but I am no princess and wish for none of those things, the only thing I want is my freedom. But that is the one thing he will not give me.
He has come again to see me and this time he brings with him black roses to give to me, and to change my heart towards him.
I ask for freedom as he hands me the roses. I prick my finger on a thorn, and I bleed as he speaks in a gentle voice towards me and says, "My lovely, you are like a wild bird, I know you want to be free, but you are injured, and will only get hurt worse if I let you go."
I reply with, "Yes, I am like a wild bird that needs to be free, and the only reason I am injured is because of you."
"But you lovely, you need me to heal you, your soul cries out to me for me to heal you."
"As I see it, it is not I that needs to be healed, but you and your evil ways."
"Is that what you see my way as, evil?"
"I shall leave you for now, but I want you to join me for dinner later at the toil of nine bells in the dinning room. Oh, and wear that black dress I gave to you the other day it would please me so."
As he was about to go out the door I monotony stated, "It would please you, but what about me, would that please me."
He turned and looked at me and then turned and slammed the door shut behind him, and I ran to the door to hear what he was shouting.
"Why do I put up with her, I am suppose to kill her, only I can't. Did that little witch put a curse on me so I can't kill her? Every time I look at her I fall a part and become as soft as putty in her hands. I take her comments and they strike far deeper than any sword has, why!" That is all I heard as he stomped down the stairwell.
As I go towards the bed I drop the black roses and feel the blood drip from my finger tips. I flung my self to the bed and I cry out.