The old black van bounced along the rough road, the moon high overhead lighting the path.

He could hear her growling, and yelling through her gag; he could hear her as she fought with the chains that tightly bound her. The white bag he had put her in rolled violently across the van's floor. Without warning the van hit a pothole, and the bag flew backwards, hitting the back doors with a loud thud, the bag abruptly stopped moving.

He glanced back at the now still bag, 'Her struggling was useless.However, I did not want her harmed.' he sighed, then smiled as he looked back to the dark road, 'No matter now, she is still mine.'

Turning onto a hidden back road, he reached the edge of a massive fence and gate. He rolled down the window, and placed his thumb against a tiny scanner. There was a slight pause before the gates opened; he quickly drove through them, continuing for several miles before reaching his destination.

The walls were made of a cream brick, towering three stories above the ground. Gargoyles, and angels hung from the roof and ledges overlooking a massive garden that surrounded the whole mansion He pulled into the garage, turning off the engine and climbing around to the back, he unlocked the doors, and pulled them open. Reaching almost tenderly inside, he untied the bag, and gently took his 'prize' into his arms.

He brushed her short blonde hair away from her face, his hand trailed down her pale, cream neck; he shook his head, and quickly removed his hand as he gazed at her for a moment, 'Just as I envisioned her...' he thought with a smile.

She was not an overly attractive woman; her face had an average look, and her nose was crooked from being broken in the past. She had a petite but muscular build, and a less than hourglass figure with a small chest. Her hands were clenched into tight fists, her long, claw-like nails digging into her palms.

He pressed her close to his chest, closing his eyes as he felt her heart beating softly beneath her breasts. He smiled and reopened his eyes, "Come my dear, I shall take you to your room," he carried her into the house, shutting the door behind him.

Through a labyrinth of hallways he cradled her close, setting her down only as to unlock the door that lead to her room.

He picked her back up, and carried her inside the extravagant room, the room was filled with lilies, and the only furniture, a canopy bed, was decorated in silk, and satin. There were no windows, and three doors, one for a closet, one for a bathroom, and one for the exit. He removed all her bindings and laid her on the bed, covering her with the soft covers. He gazed at her face until his watch began to beep, "Sun rise," he murmured as he turned for the door with a deep sigh. Shutting the door firmly, he locked it tightly, slipping the keys into his pocket he disappeared into the maze of hallways and doors.

It was late into the morning when her hazel eyes opened. Instantly she shot up, and put a hand to the lump on her head, 'The hell is going on?' she wondered as she climbed out of the bed, and looked around. She froze as she stepped on something soft, "Lilies?" she blinked, and picked up the lily beneath her feet, staring at the thousands of lilies scattered across her room.

She frowned and put the lily down, as she inspected the doors, she found the closet first. Inside were dozens of elegant dresses she took one down, and held it up to herself. With a small growl of both disgust and shock she flung the dress to the ground, "...It's almost custom made for me..." she shivered as she finished her search of the room finally reaching the main door.

After fighting with the door knob for a few moments, she began ramming her shoulder into the door, rattling the locks outside, "Let me out!!" she yelled as she rammed the door again and again, an animal like growl coming from her lips.

She attacked the door with her claws, clawing violently at the door, ripping away several pieces of wood, "Let me out now!"

She growled again, jumping back from the door, she shut her eyes, and took a deep breath. As she took slow deep breaths, her body began to change, thick, white fur began sprouting from her skin as her clothes ripped, and her claws began growing longer. Soon she was no longer the woman that had been abducted but a large white wolf, with blazing hazel eyes.

The wolf lunged at the door; nearly breaking through it as her she hit it with her side. She stepped back again, and charged again, bursting through the door, and hitting the wall across from the door. Bleeding from several wounds, and splinters of wood stuck in her body she began running through the hallways, growing more lost with each turn.

She finally came upon a man just leaving his room; a flash of rage entered her mind as she recognized him. 'That's the bastard that kidnapped me!' she thought as she let out a deep growl and charged him.

He was pinned to the ground, and as she went for his throat she felt a stinging pain in her chest, and fell off of him, curling up as she slowly reverted to her human form, ".B...Bastard...what'd m...e?" she glared at him.

He sighed, "I am sorry... I don't want to have to hurt you, but you leave me no choice," he walked over to her, and placed his jacket over her naked form, "Come, let us find you a new room."

"What did you do to me?" she asked.

"You're descended from werewolves... I gave you an injection of silver." he smiled sadly, "Not enough to be fatal of course, just enough to weaken you quite a bit."

"Bastard," she growled.

He sighed, and picked her up, shaking his head at her feeble struggle, "You seem to be rather fond of that word."

"Let me go..." she said, her energy fading fast.

"Let us get those wounds looked at."

She growled fighting up until the moment she passed out in his arms.