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Tala mumbled slightly, and opened an eye, growling deep in her throat as she recognized that room, 'As soon as I figure out how I am going to rip that creepy stalkery vamps throat out, and eat his entrails.' she thought bitterly as she sat up, and rubbed the back of her head.

"What is his friggin deal anyways?" she mumbled, climbing out of the bed, kicking the lilies that still covered her floor; she continued rubbing the back of her head, as she made her way to the small bathroom.

She yawned as she flipped on the lights, and began splashing water on her face, her eyes widening lightly as a whirlpool of red began going down the drain; hesitantly she looked into the mirror, and took a step backwards, "Holy shit."

Her whole body was almost completely covered in blood, "How did I not notice this?" she shook her head, and brought her blood covered hand to her nose, and took a light whiff, then wrinkled her nose. The scent was a mixture, it was from more then one person, and she had the sinking feeling that a good portion of the blood was her own.

She glanced around, and shut the door, locking it, before she slipped out of her clothing; she sighed as she turned on the water, smiling as the steam billowed out from the shower. She looked around once more before stepping into the inviting stream of hot water.

She watched as the blood mingled with the water, disappearing down the drain in a flood of burgundy, she leaned her head back against the tiled wall, and let the water pour over her, relaxing her and helping to clear her mind.

'Alright Tala, let's think about what has just happened.' She told herself, as she shut her eyes, recalling what had happened to bring her to this odd nightmare of a place. 'I was just going about my usual business, heading to the store for something to eat.and then that van pulled up, and the guy threw me inside, bound, gagged and stuffed me in a bag.' she hit her head against the tile.

"Damn. am I pathetic or what? One vampire managed to kidnap me, and is now holding me hostage," she ran a hand through her short blonde hair, "Damn."

After having finally convinced herself that drowning in a bathtub was not her preferred way of death, she turned off the water, and got out; wiping the steam from the mirror, she found a towel, and began drying off, making faces at her reflection, "Blood-free, but still ugly," she said as she headed back into the main room.

A familiarly irritating voice greeted her, and she cursed herself for not having bother to at least wrap herself in a towel, "I was wondering how long you were going to stay in the shower."

"What the hell are you doing in here?" she growled, forgetting to be embarrassed of her nakedness, she was only irritated at this haughty vampire's actions, "Don't you even knock!?"

"It's my house," he shrugged, "Feeling refreshed my dear?"

"Well I was," she glared, stepping away as he rose from sitting on the bed.

"And I suppose my presence is the cause of your losing that refreshed feeling?"

"Wow, he does learn," she rolled her eyes.

He nodded slowly, "I know you despise me, Tala, but I have not done anything to cause you to be so.very unfriendly."

"You frickin kidnapped me, stabbed me with a needle, and then bite me or something!"

"I have not bitten you," he firmly stated.

"Then why the hell as I covered in blood!?"

He looked mildly surprised for a brief moment, before his face broke into an amused grin, "Why, you don't remember?"

".Obviously no, or I wouldn't be asking about it."

"True," he smiled, "Let's just say there was a little fight over you a few nights ago."

"A 'few' nights ago? How long have I been laying all bloody, and unconscious?"

"Three days."

"And you just left me?"

His amusement flickered, ".Yes," he bowed, and then got to one knee, taking her hand into his, he lightly pressed his lips to it, "And I humbly ask for forgiveness for leaving you in such a state." He whispered, gazing up at her, trying to keep his eyes from wandering.

She snatched her hand from his grasp, and kicked at him, "Get the hell out of my room!"

He grinned, and stood up, "As you wish, my dear Tala," he grabbed her, and piled her into his arms, heading for the door, smirking as she began kicking, biting, and cursing, "You said to get out."

"I meant just you!!!!" she clung

"Oh.. Oh well," he smiled, and carried her out of the room, and into the hallway, chuckling lightly to himself.

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