Empty Void
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Just a poem about thoughts of suicide. Very angst filled material here.
I entertained thoughts about how it would be to commit such an act, but now
I see that life is precious. Life is worth living, but you have to be able
to handle all the pits and falls. It's easy if you allow yourself to see
the positive aspects of life, opposed to the negative. Give life a chance,
and I'm sure that it will reward you if you do. It also helps to generally
show that you care for someone. It doesn't hurt to show someone that you
care about them. Just being there for them can really help. So be there for
someone, if you see that they are in need you just have to be patient. Well
enough of my preaching.here's the poem

I've finally lost my will to live
No longer do I care
I really want to fade away
But yet I wouldn't dare

You see I'm just a coward
Afraid to end it all
I'm too scared to end my life
Too scared to make that call

Even though I'm living
My heart is dead today
No longer does it have a beat
It somehow passed away

If only I could breathe again
And no longer feel despair
The one thing that could bring me back
Is knowing that you care

Please won't you resuscitate me
And bring me back to life
I no longer wish to be dead inside
To have this wicked strife

Give me another reason
To finally breathe again
Only you can save me
From my painful, lonely end.