Tender Kisses
Written by: Felicia Spencer

Author's Notes: I wanted to write an anti angst poem.just for now. Anyway
hope you enjoy. Also be sure to check out some of my mom's work. That way
she won't harass me anymore. She's starting to say that I'm posting too
many poems up, to which I reply, so are you. Anyway maybe if she gets some
reviews, then maybe she would get off my back. Her screen name is
oohaysemag2001. Although I love her hounding me because it shows me how
much she cares. I love you mommy. Anyway here's the poem.

Your kisses are like heaven
Silky to the touch
I never could imagine that
I'd love it quite as much

A pleasure wave that flows
From your lips to mine
It always seems as if I'm lost
Searching for you to find

Take me to far away places
Somewhere that I've missed
Take me to paradise
Surrounded by your kiss.