The things you never do
Written by: Felicia Spencer
Author's Notes: More angst from the bugg.the ladybug. That was sooooo
cheesy. Sorry about that. It shouldn't happen again. Here's the poem. It's
very angst filled, and it was written for my high school crush, which was
over ten years ago. Man I'm getting old.

You built me up
To tear me down
You said you'd stay
But you're nowhere around

You gave me hope
Only to disappoint
I always gave
But you steadily want

You speak sweet words
To tell me lies
You said you'd make me smile
But you've made me cry

You said you'd give me love
But you've only shown hate
You'd said that you'd be there
But I always wait

You said that I would be yours
Forever we would be
Now it's time for me to speak
And finally take my leave