By me, my friends and family and teachers and enemies and other people that I don't remember.

Del learned at camp: Don't let your friends throw rocks at a hornet's nest.

Del: This quote is only six words long.

Tom: Get the bleep out.

Erik: This is the general...This is the general...

Del: That's the freaking Captain!

Ms. Olson: I got lost, on an island, in Australia.

Tom: I come to eat your BABY!

Max(I'll give you credit for it): I masticated on cock in my posse. (chewed on rooster in a group).

Frank: Don't say my bad.

Max: That was stupid...Let's get yogurt!!!

P.D. the dog: BARK! BARK!

All: SHUT UP!!!!

Del: Got any quotes for me?

Tom: No.

Jason: (slurp from new braces) wrong number (slurp)(it's an inside joke...max'll get it)(I hope)

Tim: That's not fair, the rich deserve Spaghetti-O's too!

Del: The laws of physics are bending just to piss me off.