Why I Hate You

Summary: Crystal Swanson hates Jason Andrew more than anything. And when her mother announces her engagement to Jason's father, Crystal cannot believe her rotten luck. Nothing is much worse than being related to the guy you most hate, and the guy who ruined your life. And when, Crystal and Jason are thrown together a lot of times, and Crystal realizes that maybe she doesn't really hate Jason that much. And they'll discover the reason why they hate each other.

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Epilogue – Their Story of Love

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. Crystal sighed deeply and told herself this day would've been perfect if a certain guy would come knocking on her doorstep. She was seated beside her window, staring at the world as the sun cast a golden glow over everything.

It was barely eight o' clock. Her mom and dad weren't up because they'd gotten in late. Come to think of it, they'd all slept late because her parents had given them stuff from Rome, and exchanged stories with them. Her parents had told them that Crystal, Jade and Gem should've gone to Rome with them, for spring break.

Gem wrinkled his nose in disgust.

Jade replied to the statement, with a revolted look on her face, "Like I want to spend my spring break with my parents who were honeymooning? I'd rather stay home, thank you very much!"

Crystal laughed at them, and at herself. While most seniors in her school, and even her friends, were spending spring break abroad or at the beach, she spent her senior year spring break at home, cooking and cleaning for her siblings and completely moping around for some guy who hated her, because he loved her.

Crystal smiled wistfully at the thought.

She hadn't told her parents about visiting Richard --- it probably would've made her mom feel awkward. Neither did she tell Jade and Gem where she went. She decided it was a secret she was going to keep to herself, for now.

Getting up from her place on the bench, Crystal decided she'd take a walk outside, just to enjoy the new morning. It sounded completely pathetic and useless, but she felt relaxed with it. She slipped on a white tank top and a pair of shorts (she was glad the weather was no longer cold).

Sticking her feet into her old battered, but favorite white sneakers, she walked out of her room and closed the door quietly. She crept silently down the stairs (her room was right next to it) and went out the back door, leaving it unlocked so she could get in later.

"Crys!" someone called from above.

Crystal looked up to see Jade leaning over her windowsill, looking like a hag who'd just woken up. She stifled the urge to laugh. "What?"

"Where are you going?" Jade asked, her eyes blinking as they adjusted to the morning sun. Her hair spilled over her shoulders as she leaned over the window. "Are you meeting someone?"

Crystal did laugh then. "I wish," she replied, looking up at Jade. "I'm just going to take a walk around. It's a beautiful day, you know. If you all will come looking for me, look for me first at the park, okay? I'll be back in a few minutes," she assured as she began walking down the gravel road beside their house.

"Do you even have a watch?" Jade called, though keeping her voice down. "You could be out all day you know!"

Crystal didn't reply, but instead waved her hand at Jade, not even turning around. She distantly heard Jade closing the window, and she went on walking.

Last night, or rather, early that morning, Mrs. Swanson told Crystal she looked different, and asked her if there was something wrong. Crystal only shrugged. She really didn't feel like explaining anything to her mom. She had mentioned before, just while her mom was getting ready for their honeymoon that she liked Jason. But what her mom didn't know, and her dad, was that she did not only like Jason, she was in love with him.

She knew that now.

Jade and Gem were kind enough not to torture her to death. They left her alone, and for that Crystal was extremely grateful. She hadn't told anyone else about Jason's confession that night at the reception.

Exactly one week and nine hours, Crystal thought as she took a deep breath of the fresh morning air, but who's counting?

She just kept on walking around the neighborhood, unsure of where to go. She just went where her feet took her. She ended up, as always, at the park where it was usually deserted at this time of the day. She'd been going here ever since the start of spring break, because she had nowhere else to go.

She sat down on her favorite bench under the shade of a big Oak tree. She closed her eyes and whispered to herself, "Where are you, Jason?"

When she opened her eyes, she half-expected to see him standing there before her, with his cool relaxed stance, his hands on his pockets. His brown hair would shine under the sun, probably golden and his eyes would sparkle, just by looking at her.

She shivered deliciously at the thought.

But, the park remained empty except for some passersby. She threw up her hands in the air, in complete defeat. She had to get over him now. Who knew? He probably met some hot chick at wherever he was the entire week, and told himself, he was better of without a certain Crystal Swanson. She was being stupid with all this hoping, and she was going away to college in the fall. Surely, they would go their separate ways. She didn't even know which colleges he applied too, and if they were the same as hers.

Feeling lonely and desperate, Crystal recalled all those moments with Jason. Specifically, she recalled those three moments with him – when they were dancing, when they had gone up his dad's cabin, and then just recently, during the wedding.

She didn't want to let go of those memories.

She didn't want to let go of him.

But how can let go of him when I'm not even holding him? Is there still something I can hold on to?

Crystal closed her eyes with a sigh and sat there, relishing her memories and the bittersweet morning. After a few minutes, her eyes flew open.

Still no Jason Andrews.

"He's not coming," she whispered to herself as she looked around at the empty park. With a defeated sigh, she braced her hands on her thighs and stood up, ready to head home. When she turned around, her heart stood still.

She blinked her eyes to make sure this was real because if it wasn't…He was still there, moving towards her, a shy grin on his face. She never knew he could be shy. He still kept coming and coming and…

"Finally," he murmured as he slowed to a walk. He was so close now. "I found you."

What sweet words, Crystal thought, staring up at his brown chocolate eyes.

But then she looked away. Minutes ago, she was berating herself for not telling him about how she felt, and now that he was here, she didn't how to tell him. "Hey," she mumbled clasping her hands in front of her, suddenly feeling nervous. "Uh, how was, um, wherever you went?" she stammered.

"Forget that," he said impatiently.

Crystal's eyes watched as his fingers slowly rose, and pushed her chin up. His eyes smiled down at her, giving her a silent promise. And Lord, how her heart began to beat faster. She looked away, closing her eyes, wherein he sighed exasperatedly and said, "Crys, look at me."

"I can't," Crystal whispered to herself.

"Why not?" he asked softly. His fingers were burning from where he touched her.

Because I love you, Crystal thought. But he did love me too. Why am I hesitating?

"Crys?" he prodded gently. "Crystal?"

He was so gentle and so caring, and so loving. Crystal was falling in love all over again, and she decided to tell him now. She looked him straight in the eyes and confessed, "I love you, Jason Andrews."

And that was it.

Jason smiled. His fingers left her chin to caress her cheeks, and Crystal felt butterflies in her stomach. "I know," he whispered still smiling, and his eyes still locked with hers. "And I have loved you for so long."

"I know," Crystal said softly, her eyes beginning to brim with tears.

When he looked confused, she explained, "I went to see your dad yesterday."

"He told you?" Jason asked, a blush creeping up his face.

Crystal giggled, keeping herself steady by taking hold of his arms. "I didn't know you blushed," she teased.

Jason grinned, and the corners of his eyes crinkled. "You'd be surprised how much I blushed when I told my dad all that, and my mom. All because of you," he paused, and then, "I'm sorry if I made you think I hated you because I never did truly hate you. Crys, I understand now why I did what I did. When you liked Cooper, I liked you and I was jealous. I never hated you, Crys," he confessed, his eyes downcast. "I realize now that maybe I hated you for not realizing that I truly loved you."

She closed her eyes, letting his words fill her soul, memorizing this moment so that she could remember it forever, as her first love.

"What are you thinking?" he asked, his fingers caressing her cheeks.

"That you're my first love," she answered, leaning in to his caress, and feeling her heart caressed too by the genuine love he had for her.

"As you are mine, Miss Swanson," Jason said, his voice sounding like a lovesick prince.

Crystal giggled. "I've never heard you sound so poetic," she began, and with a playful look in her eyes, she added, "And so in love."

"I think you've changed me," he said in reply to that.

Crystal threw her arms around him, going up on tiptoe because he was much taller. She hugged him fiercely. "I missed you so much! Don't ever go leaving like that again," she demanded, pulling back to look at him, "I went crazy looking for you, and more crazy waiting for you."

"And you said, I was poetic," Jason teased, tinkling her neck, both his hands resting on it. "I missed you. All those days, I kept thinking about you, and only you. It's a good thing my mom is a bit of a romantic, because I practically begged her to go back three days earlier. I couldn't stand it anymore."

"I'm glad you did."

Crystal smiled, a slow smile. And so did Jason. Their faces drew together, going closer and closer. "May I kiss you?" he asked huskily.

May he! Crystal thought wildly. What a perfect adorable gentleman!

She smiled even wider, as she nodded. "Yes."

Their eyes closed. Jason's hands skimmed past her cheek, as it clasped her gently in her neck, pulling her much closer. Crystal wrapped her arms around him, as if in a hug, but not quite a hug.

And as their smiling lips met in a blissful tender kiss, her heart soared.

When they pulled apart, moments after their first kiss, Crystal blushed deeply. Jason gazed deep into her eyes, cupping her face in his hands.

"Crystal Swanson," he began to say solemnly, "I am sorry for all the things I have said to you. I am sorry for all the things I have done to you. Most of all, I am sorry for acting like the complete jerk I was and embarrassing you in front of the whole school two years ago. If I could change the past, I would because more than anything, I don't want for you to go through what you have gone through," he kissed her once more lightly on the lips. "I am in love with you, Crys."

Jason kissed her again, a long slow sweet kiss that sent light shivers all over Crystal and she trembled.

"Are you okay?" he murmured, concern in those brown eyes of his.

"Very," Crystal replied with a smile. "I love you, Jason Andrews."

She had forgiven him.

That earned her another kiss from him. "I love you, I love you…" he murmured in between kisses, and Crystal couldn't have felt any more happier than she did at that moment. There were now two happy moments of her life – when her parents got back together, and today, when she and Jason finally got together.

"So who caught the bouquet?" he asked, holding her close.

Crystal laughed. "Definitely not me! I'm not ready to get married yet," she answered lightly. As he continued looking at her, she felt her heart beat faster, and her throat tighten. "I'm glad you're not my brother," she suddenly realized.

"Me too," he said, grinning at her. "We wouldn't want to commit a crime, now would we?"

Crystal giggled. She felt so happily in love! She couldn't wait to tell her parents, Jade and Gem, her friends and yes, even Richard. She was going to tell the whole world she was in love!

And she remembered something she'd told her friends before.

Jason had just apologized, and fallen in love with her.

"I think Heaven is now on Earth," she whispered to him. "And more than that, I think that the sky and sea are finally joined together."

As the bright sun rose high in the clear blue sky, a golden shimmer cast upon them, their lips met once more in a kiss that sealed their fate and promised more, and a kiss that would begin their story of love.