There's something on the water
That was not there before.
It calls me closer to itself
And further from the shore.
Although I'm leaving reason,
And all my sense behind
I'm going out to meet it
And to see what I can find.
As into me I'm falling,
It's difficult to see
For all these swirling shadows
And the vast infinity.
It's such a perfect system,
And yet I'm so far gone.
There seems some inconsistency,
Anomalies gone wrong.

And yet it all goes just as planned,
The world forgetting who I am,
My friends will let my swim away
On a madman's holiday.
I will not laugh, I will not cry
I will not live, I will not die.
I merely am, and nothing more.
So looking through the open door,
I see a world of endless span:
The infinite abyss of man.
And then I cross the threshold wide,
Too mad to see I'm still inside.
The door swings shut, the lights go out.
I cannot scream, I cannot shout.
The door has gone and left me here
But now I find I have no fear.
I have not joy nor hope nor pain,
I've naught to lose and naught to gain.
And so I stand obscured from view
With thoughts abundant and feelings few.

And in the mornings through the windows
Comes a light which holds my gaze.
The sun in glory now resplendent,
Falls upon my dim-lit haze.
And I, still groping in the darkness,
Seek an egress from my tomb,
But the light is quickly fading
And my life is surely doomed.
Only for a moment brilliant
Does the sun illuminate.
Then it ebbs and leaves me stranded,
Staring out at empty space.