Ranting's of a mad woman
Written by: Felicia Spencer
AN: Yep this is a true story. I was so smitten with this one guy, and then
I met this other wonderful creature. (And yes he was cute, they both were)
He asked me out, but I declined his offer. I guess I was waiting for my
first crush to come around. But as you can see he never did, and here are
my thoughts about that. BTW- Check out my poem all alone. I only have one
review on that. Please. Pretty please.Enjoy.

I turned him down to be with you
What a fool was I
He would find ways to make me smile
And you would make me cry

If I had only known it then
That you would be so cruel
I would've gladly given him a chance
But I guess I was the fool

It's finally over and done with
You're no longer in my life
I have no desire to be with you
As your girl or as your wife

So don't you dare try coming back
You really make me sick
This time I'll a find a real love
You selfish, twisted prick.

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