Doubt that which you have so long trusted.
Go ahead and doubt.
It's not as though you are guaranteed its validity.
Go ahead, doubt.
And what good it may accomplish you
I don't know.
But if it makes you feel better, doubt.

Have you been told it's true?
Then it must be false.
Doubtless it's a lie,
So go ahead and doubt.

Funny word, doubt.
Sounds silly when repeated.
But a word's a word- or is it?
I really don't know anymore.

Take it to the Supreme Court, if you wish.
They're sure to set you straight.
But if their rule does not adhere
to what you doubt is true,
you may be left doubting yourself.
After all, they are the final say and they are never wrong.
Do you really believe that? I doubt it.

But here is something to chew on,
if you really want to know:
Why should one doubt what isn't true at all?
Does one accomplish anything?
When the thing in doubt is surely wrong
one wastes the doubt on something doubtless.
When no one else doubts, are you still the investigator?
Or merely one late in coming to conclusions?