Authors note: This will be the last story that I'll post; I need to figure out what I'm going to be writing for the stories I've already created. I'm not too sure when the next chapters will be up, but ill try and be prompt about it. Unfortunately there's only so much I can do with the hour and a half I have to write here at night school. Along with these I have to write a weekly submission for my stupid teacher. So ill hope you'll be patient with me. And thanks for reading. ^_^ Love ya! P.S just incase you wanna know how to pronounce what it is Leviathan its (Dem- I - Ray)

His black wings sprung from his back violently. The blood ran freely from the

wounds that the wings created. He stretched them wide, and then stood up slowly from

the kneeling position he had dropped to. He wiped the blood slowly off his lip with the

back of his hand.

" You shouldn't have hit me." His voice was cold and threatening. The man who had

been standing in awe of this transformation for the past few minutes suddenly sprung to

life. He clinched his fists and tried his best to hide his fear.

"Freak..." His voice was harsh, but quivered slightly, "Leviathan" he said with discussed.

" The perfect name, for the perfect monster. Your mother chose well." The man pointed

his finger at the boy. " Go back to the hell you came from!"

"I always thought that a father was suppose to care for his son." Leviathan's voice was

quite and hard. "You call me the monster. Go take a look in the mirror." The man

raised his hand violently, as if to slap the boy.

"Don't touch me." Leviathan's voice was still very cold. He extending his hand quickly,

his palm turned outward towards his father.

"You will never touch anyone. ever again." Leviathan's eyes grew to a dark red and his

skin slowly began to turn blue. From somewhere deep inside him he could feel a fire

burning. His eyes widened as a powerful ball of energy shot from the palm of his hand in

the direction of his father. Before he realized what happened, he had pushed his father

through the wall in his room, and through the bathroom wall that was across the hall. His

father fell limp on the ground. Leviathan looked around himself frantically, and then

stepped over to where his father lay.

'What the hell is happening to me?' Leviathan looked at his wings in the mirror of

the bathroom. His skin was now a dark blue but was returning to its original color

quickly. He stepped quickly around his father's body and walked down the stairs to the


'Iv got to stop this.' He thought to himself. He then began to concentrate on his wings.

Very slowly they began to seep back into his back. He griped the side of the counter as

his wings began to tear open his skin. He shut his eyes tightly. His wings expanded

throughout his back, and for a minute he thought that it would rip his back apart. Then,

suddenly as if his wings had never existed, the pain was gone. He looked around to make

sure no one had seen his disfigurement.

"Why!? Why me, when did I ever do anything to you!" He screamed and looked upward.

He slammed his fist hard on the table, causing the table to collapse. He looked around at

the rubble he created. ' I don't get it.'

"You are what you are Leviathan, you can't change that." The voice he heard was soft and

comforting. He looked around for the source of the voice but saw no one.

"But what am I?" He called out, and then ran to the living room, hoping to find that

someone, but once again found nothing.

"You are like no other on earth, heaven, or hell. You are the demi're." The voice echoed


"But what's that? And who is this?" He ran out side and looked to the sky hoping to see

something, anything. But all he saw was the same blue sky with the same white clouds.

He dropped to his knees and listened hard for the voice.

"I am." The voice trailed off. Leviathan sprung up from the ground in a dead sprint. He

ran towards the voice, and as he neared the end of the street the sky became a dark black.

Leviathan looked behind him frantically for his house or anything of his neighborhood,

but found only darkness. He turned back in the direction he had been running, and

found himself face to face with a red-eyed demon. Its wings were twice as large as his

own, but it's skin was just the same as his had been. Its long purple hair convinced

Leviathan that this thing was a woman. The woman stared at him lovingly and gently

touched his face. Leviathan jumped back startled.

"What are you?" His voice was shaky and unsure. The woman smiled gently.

" I didn't expect you to understand." She bowed her head "Leviathan, I. am your