Too late…

Darkness merges into loss

Senses marred, vision blurred

All I perceive is you

Holding on

Wake me up…

I wish I were only dreaming

Hold me in your thoughts

And I won't be afraid

Stay with me

Rescue me…
Let me turn to you again

You won't break me anymore

And I'll love you again

Love me

Tell me…

Tell me I meant something

In this faint second of living

Promise me you cared

Promise me

Catch me…

I feel like I'm falling

Catch me here and I'll be safe

Safe with a killer

Saving me

Come back to me…

Don't leave me in this place

Tubes, questions, counseling

I'm supposed to hate you

For hurting me

Release me…

From the screams and pain

From the shock and the screams

From the numbness inside

Free me

Remember me…

You'll never think twice

But I'll still love you as I fall

As I wake in darkness

Don't forget me