Journal Entry 1: 12/6/2015 15:30

            I have just crash landed on Europa, the sixth moon from Jupiter.  Since the days are equal to 3 and ½ earth days, I will keep track of time in earth days, so it will not be confusing for you.  I crashed here at 14:34 eastern time on the 11th of June.  I have set off the emergency beacon, and I hope that help comes soon.  The moon's slushy crust made for a long, but soft, landing.  Most of the ship is intact, except there is a gash in the fuel tank, so all of the fuel has come out and been absorbed into the icy slush.  I still have the fuselage intact though, and every system seems to be fully functional.  I have set up a probe to analyze the atmosphere, and I am going to set up a probe to analyze the crust later in the day.  From my knowledge of this moon, it is thought that there is an ocean beneath the ice.  That is all I will write for now, because I have to go and set up the emergency shelter.