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Summery: Illuminaire is perfectly normal 16 year old, if you consider the fact that she used to work for a secret government organization, was an assassin, her mother built the world's most advanced super computer, which only obeys her every whim, is married to an insane freak accident, and is protected by a GHOST?! What is the author smoking? …Obviously not enough.

Intangible Shadow


A pair of shadows stood atop of a high school building. They stared at the teenagers below.

"Is she here yet?"

"Not yet"




"Not yet."


"Target has entered the vicinity."

"Finally! Do we pursue?"

"Negative. Now we feast."


The pair leapt gracefully into the air, and landed in a dark passage, between the main school building, and the gym, where a girl, around 15 or so, stood, leaning against the wall, trying to escape the late August heat, that had already began to grip the city, even though it was barely 7 am. She had long brown hair, large glasses that shielded her bright green eyes, and she wore the standard school uniform, white blouse, blue skirt, white socks, and sneakers. Her tan messenger bag rested gently against her hip.

She turned and looked at them. "Oh hello! I didn't think anyone else was here. Come to escape the sun as well?" she asked sweetly, a smile gracing her rosy lips.

The shadows looked at each other before pouncing on the girl and dragging her farther into the darkness.

Chapter 1

"Illuminaire. ILLUMINAIRE!!"

A young girl of 16 was pulled from her thoughts by the repeated yelling of her name. She looked up from the ground and searched the crowd for the person calling her. Her knee-length white hair, which was thought by some, to be blonde, bounced slightly. She had bright blue eyes and blue wire- rimmed glasses. She wore the standard school uniform, complete with a tan messenger bag that rested against her hip.

She spotted the perpetrator, her best friend Plamena was starring at her, and waving her arm like a lunatic. Illuminaire sighed and jogged over to her.



Illuminaire jumped back, and shrank down; slightly embarrassed by her friend's sudden explosion and all the attention she was drawing. She blushed at her friend's mistake. But happily remained quiet for a moment. She fully intended to keep a secret true to its name. She thought for a brief second for an excuse,

"I'm sorry Plami, I had to baby-sit my aunt's daughters." A simple, but believable lie.

"Oh" was her only reply as she turned around and began walking towards the school entrance, her shoulder-length brownish-red hair bouncing slightly with each step.

"Hey!" Illuminaire whined as she ran to catch up. "Plami! Wait!" She called before jumping onto her friend's back and wrapping her legs around Plamena's waist.

Plamena sighed and wrapped her arms around Illuminaire's lower back, leaning forward slightly. 'This girl's gonna be the death of me' she thought dryly. She slowly trudged up the entrance stairs into the main building, heading towards room 229 - English 10; teacher: Mr. Broyle. Illuminaire never did like the man, she always said "Yeah sure, he's pretty, but the pretty people are always too full of themselves."

She sighed at her thoughts; her friend never did "follow the crowd." Oddball. Plamena walked into class and set Illuminaire down on her desk, nearly flipping it over, but Illuminaire managed to place her hands into the seat, forcing all her upper-body strength into the seat she managed to keep it steady.

Illuminaire sighed, but the change in body position caused her messenger bag to shift position, and slide down around her neck, pulling her over. The desk tipped and fell over. She squeaked in surprise and sighed as she hit the floor. 'Why must this happen every day?!' She untangled herself from the desk and pushed it back up, into it's original position and sat down. She ignored the stares and giggles her little stunt received, but inside she was fuming. It was going to be a VERY long day.

Mr. Broyle smiled at Illuminaire, one of his more decent students. He never understood why she never did any of the work he assigned; she seemed capable, just not willing. He frowned as Plamena, on of his "A" students, raised her hand and called him over.

Illuminaire sighed as she watched Plamena talk excitedly about her Shakespeare project with Mr. Broyle. The entire time Plamena's, Plami as she was also called, face was turning a rather unhealthy shade of red. 'Doesn't she EVER give up?' she thought with mild amusement. Her eyes widened when she saw Mr. Broyle begin to blush as well. 'What in the seven hells is she up to now?'

After a few minutes of watching the pair, Illuminaire became bored and decided to doodle. She pulled out her sketchpad and began drawing a rather abstract picture.

15 minutes and 62 eraser-marks later, she heard the bell, signaling the end of class. She quickly threw everything into her messenger bag, slung it over her shoulder and marched out of the classroom.

She entered the flood of students and slowly navigated her way to the main entrance, through which she exited, making her way to the music building. She stretched and sighed, enjoying the fresh , but unusually sticky, air of the outside world. She entered the music building and moved into a small corridor that led to the Orchestra, choir, and band rooms.

She moved over to the stairs and stopped, awaiting the arrival of her friends. She only had to wait a matter of seconds before Azaly and Lakota showed up.

Lakota was only a month younger than Illuminaire, but she was 6 inches taller. She wore her shoulder-length blonde hair back in a stubby ponytail, she had thick, black-framed glasses that sat neatly on her nose and hid her hazel eyes from immediate view. She was dressed in the mandatory school uniform, along with bright pink sneakers.

Azaly was almost her exact opposite; she had waist-length black hair, which fell down her back in gentle waves, bright blue eyes and black sneakers, along with the school uniform. She was small and thin, as opposed to Lakota's tall, muscular frame.

"Hey Min" Azaly said, looking tired.

"Guten morgan Lumin-chan" Lakota said enthusiastically.

"Hey. Lakota, you do know that you just put two very different languages into one sentence, right?" Illuminaire said, smiling.

"Well duh!" Lakota replied, pouting.

"Bye Kota. Come on Min, we don't want to be late for class" Azaly ground out, grabbing Illuminaire's arm and pulling her into the Orchestra room.

Illuminaire sighed and allowed Azaly to pull her into the class and to their seats, where they proceeded to drop their messenger bags in perfect unison. They marched over to the cello rack, picked up their cellos and bows, and went back to their seats. Azaly pulled the music from her bag and placed it on the stand before proceeding to tune both her cello and Illuminaire's. Just as the bell rang, Plamena came running into class, breathing heavily, her cheeks still tinted red as she bowed in apology to Mr. Lorence, the music teacher, who merely glared and snorted in response.

Plamena flashed a triumphant grin to Azaly and Illuminaire as she ran to get her violin and take her seat directly across from them. She quickly threw her messenger bag to the floor, pulled out her music, placed it on the stand and pulled out her violin.

"Alright class, pull out Handelion and Cannon in D. we have to get these two down for the concert." Mr. Lorence bellowed.

The remaining students who had yet to do so, quickly complied, fearing the wrath of their drill-sergeant music teacher.

The next 2 bells were quickly over, and sometime during their lunch break, Illuminaire disappeared. Only to show up again for seventh bell, Latin II.

Illuminaire entered the class just before the late bell rang, and took her seat behind Lakota.

"Where were you at lunch?" Lakota whispered angrily.

"Sorry, got sick of school, went for a walk." Illuminaire replied calmly.

"Girls! Please!" Their Latin teacher, Mrs. Libel scolded.

"Sorry Mrs. Li!" came their synchronized reply.

Mrs. Libel only glared at them before returning to the board to drone on about forming adjectives and adverbs. The pair snickered before passing notes back and forth.

'You went for a WALK?!'

'That's what I said, is it not?'

'Why didn't you take me with you?'

'Needed alone time'


They continued passing notes back and forth until the bell rang, signaling the end of school. They smiled at each other and linked their arms together as they picked up their messenger bags and skipped out of the class, down the stairs, into the main hall, and out the main entrance. They soon broke apart, Lakota continuing to skip off the school grounds.

Illuminaire watched the people slowly disperse, and go about their lives. She walked over and leaned against the fence, awaiting her "Guardian's" arrival. When suddenly something shocked her lightly on the back of her neck. She spun around and looked around at the empty school grounds. Her face contorted into a look of confusion seeing nothing.

She pulled a silver dragon pendant from the pocket in her skirt and gave it a slight squeeze. In a matter of seconds a disembodied, but obvisously feminine, voice came from just above her right shoulder. "What"?!

"Morgan, anything 'O.O.' happen while I was at school? …Or away from it?"

"Just a few angry searchers….nothin too big."

"Alright…thank you."

"Sure kiddo"

Min's eyes flashed silver in indignation. "You wanna go back to hell?" Silence was her only response.

Author's Note: So how do you like chapter 1? …pathetic, ne? Oh well it's a start, right?

'O.O.' is simply "out-of-the-ordinary"

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