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Chapter 2

Illuminaire looked from her pendant as a dark blue ford mustang came to a screeching halt in front of her. She quickly stuffed the pendant into her pocket and walked over to the car as the window was slowly rolled down. She leaned against the door and smiled at the man behind the steering wheel. He looked to be in his mid twenties, with unruly bright blonde hair that hung lazily over his bright green eyes, which were currently hidden behind black sunglasses; lightly tanned skin covered by a white shirt, black tie, white lab coat and jeans.

"Hello Adrian"

Illuminaire grinned and leaned inside the car "Your late, Rommel"

Ramiel pouted and opened the car door for her "I thought you'd be used to it by now." Adrian slid inside and closed the door, taking off her glasses. She glanced at Rommel as she set the messenger bag on the floor, "Anything new with the Izumi case?"

"Negative" was the only answer given as the tires squealed and the car sped off down the street. Adrian sighed and looked out the window, idly braiding her hair.

"How was school?"

"Unnaturally normal"

"No need for section 11?"

"None….do you think they've moved on?"

"I've got no clue. Ask the commander about it"

"You know I filed my dismissal papers a week ago"

"Aww no more Captain Nazuri?"


"You're no fun!"

"I know. You're too immature anyway." Adrian looked over at Rommel and smiled, happily placing her hand on his.

Rommel smiled and leaned over, lightly kissing her cheek. Adrian laughed and swatted his head playfully "Romi stop!!"

Rommel grinned and obeyed her request, causing her to raise an eyebrow in suspicion. She shrugged it off and looked out the window.

Adrian smiled slightly as the apartment complex came into view. She quietly pulled her messenger bag into her lap. The car moved into the parking garage and came to a halt in a parking space just a few feet from the elevator. In a matter of seconds the engine's soft rumble was cut off and the doors were swung open in unison. Adrian and Rommel stepped out and closed the doors behind them.

They walked to the elevator and Rommel pushed the 'up' button, listening to the soft 'ding' and watching in mild amusement as the button lit up. The doors opened to reveal a short elderly woman with short, curly gray hair, and thick pink-framed glasses over gray eyes. She was wearing a dark blue coat, a light blue top, a black skirt and black shoes.

"Oh, Good afternoon, Ms. Crenshaw!"

"Well bless me, good afternoon Illuminaire, Mr. Matsu."

"Hello Jan." Rommel smiled and stepped inside the elevator, Illuminaire in tow. He spun around and quickly hit the 'L 7' button and leaned against the wall as the doors closed.

"So, Illuminaire how is school?"

"Just fine, ma'am"

"How wonderful! Any young men catching your eye?"

"You know I have eyes only for your grandson, ma'am."

Rommel tensed slightly and Ms. Crenshaw laughed. "He's coming into town this weekend. Oh, Illuminaire, would you come over to my apartment Thursday after school and help me paint my dining room?"

"Of course, ma'am"

"Thank you, dear"

"Of course ma'am."

"Matsu, you raised your daughter well, she's so polite…" The doors opened with another 'ding' that cut the older woman off. Adrian and Rommel stepped out of the elevator and waved to Ms. Crenshaw as the doors closed.

Rommel turned to face Adrian and raised an eyebrow, "Her grandson, eh?"

"Shut up"

"Adri and Francis sittin in a tre..AHH" Rommel jumped back as Adrian's knee came up, directed low and center. "Alright, alright, alright!!"

Adrian marched over to room 717 and pulled out a copper key from her bag and quickly pushed it into the lock, flipped it to the side and kicked the door open, before disappearing inside.

Rommel smiled and followed her to the door, leaning against the frame. "And now its time to break into a song, my loooove, she's soooo coooold heeeaaaarrrted…"

"Romi, please, shut up, get in here, and close the door."

"Yes, my mistress."


"Of course, my mistress."

"Romi stop it! And get your rear into the shower, you smell like decay."

"You're so cruel!"

"So true. But you're immature."

Rommel groaned and closed the door, walking down the hall into the living room. "Remind me again, why, exactly, we got married…" His statement was cut off as Adrian jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck, and resting her forehead against his. Rommel wrapped his arms around her back.

"Because, you liked my ass."

"Ah yes, I remember now, the heavenly end which was glowing in its own heavenly light.."

"You were delusional. I was bending over in jeans."

"…It was heaven"

"You sick pervert"

"You know it." Rommel moved his head to nuzzle her neck. Adrian laughed and moved her hands into his hair, idly moving her fingers through the silky strands. She smiled as he purred against her shoulder.


"As always.." Adrian rested her head on his shoulder and sighed.

"You're unusually docile all of a sudden?"

"Then off to bed with you.."

"Because you need a shower."

"Yes my mistress…"


Rommel carried Adrian down the hall and into the bedroom. He gently set her down on the bed and began taking her shoes off.

"Reverse Deja Vu" ­


A young man, bloodied and battered laid unconscious on a white bed, within a white room, connected to different monitors, all beeping away as they recorded their data. His green eyes fluttered open as he let out a groan in an attempt to sit up.

"You should stay still…it'd be unwise to attempt too much motion while in your condition." Came a soft voice.

He pushed himself up on his elbows and looked at the young girl who was currently taking off his boots. She only looked about 15, but she was wearing a white lab coat, which caused him to wonder.

"Who the hell are you?!" He growled angrily. Only after the words left his mouth did he stop to wonder just who exactly he was.

The girl jumped slightly and shrunk back, tears forming in the corners of her silver eyes. "Romi…I'm Adrian, remember?"

Rommel sighed and looked down at her. "I'm sorry about yelling at you back then…"

"You've apologized plenty of times already." Adrian sighed and kicked off her shoes before getting up and crawling over to him and sitting next to him, wrapping her arms around him. "Now, go take a shower. I'll get dinner started."

"I thought you were tired.."

"All I need to do is add water and a stove"

"Oh your making soup.."

"I'm kidding sheesh. Just go take your shower before I start spraying you with Fabreez."

"Aye, Captain."


"Alright. See you in a few"

"Just go already!"

Rommel smiled and kissed her cheek before standing up and walking over to the dresser. He grabbed some clothes and headed for the shower.

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Adrian – A-dree-an
Rommel – Rah-mm-uhl
Romi – Rah-me

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