"Blinding Revisions Of Optical Delusions"
by Shayne Pruett

I recently tried to rationalize my emotions,
After swimming in a think-tank.

My mind was flowing like the ocean,
I thought I knew where I was going,
But everything fell straight to the sky.

I tried to reason with myself,
Considering if you were worth the bother,
And question why you loved another.

I tried and tried and wondered why,
But my mind was not as static as the sky,
As it is when it rises to the ocean,
After swimming in a think-tank.

I then came to the realization that I had everything completely backward.

I saw right as left,
The back was the chest,
I was confining with something,
That I couldnÕt have defined.

There is nothing as dangerous as trying to see,
What really couldnÕt try to live to create to be,
The thought of you and me,
Melting into a series blinding revisions of optical delusions.

I was living through reflective emotion.