"Pretending To Act"
by Shayne Pruett

Taking one final look at the past,
I reflected upon why I loved you like I had.

The image I received,
Through all the nostalgic,
Refracting bliss...
Was that jazzy, phantom kiss.

The one that got away,
It never happened anyway.

This lead reflection is too much to carry around any longer,
And even though it may have made me stronger,
I could have lived with weakness.

Something had to be done,
This fight is the one that was not won,
But lost through reflection.

Taking one final look at the past,
The image I received almost blinded me again.



Because looking back,
I saw how truly fucking blind I was to begin with.

And now my mind aches,
With echoes of whispers of phantom kisses.

The one that didnÕt happen,
The one that got away.