I'm sick of the things I am seeing,
In this world of horror.
The torment and the pain,
The children running from parents,
The knives stained from blood,
The psychiatric wards,
Which hold all emotion known to man.
I hate the way love hurts,
It causes so much pain,
The reason why trust is abandoned,
Why hope is a fairytale.
I hate the way you don't understand,
Why you can't see the insanity.
The laughs people utter,
All seem to be fake.
The tears people cry,
Made the ocean we see today.

I'm repulsed by the rejection,
Of helping one another,
But war is the answer,
Yet more blood to be spilled.
The state of the world,
Has become to be expected,
To be inhumane,
Is simply to be human.

By Siobhan
Date: 7/April/2004