Adolf Hitler stood up to the world to make his dreams come true. He believed in what wasn't and what humanly should never be.

These dreams one man held, transferred to million's of other minds, whether or not they willed for the outcome it brought.

The dreams he had, to make his world a better place, turned into the nightmares of others.

The German troops invaded the Hungary Jews on March 1, 1944, under Adolf Hitler's command.

Hitler new the war was lost by then, yet he still persuaded with his dream, willing to go down with a fight.

In less than three (3) months, 440, 000 Hungarian Jews were rounded up and moved to death camps.

The stories within 'The Last Days' are told from five (5) survivors lives, when Hitler momentarily haunted the world of the Jew's with little but his way of thought; transformed into power beyond belief.

Many people were promised a new hope when they were told that a train was going to pick up anyone who wanted to go. It would take them to a vineyard to work. Which was a big preference from where they were at that point of time.

They were on the train for five (5) days, 120 people to one cart. One (1) bucket per cart for the bathroom. No food or water for five (5) days. They got of the train in Aushchwite. All families were separated, mothers from children, fathers from children, husbands from wives.

Many were never seen again, as they were sent of to gas chambers to be killed.

Any which were not to be gassed, were told they were going to have a shower. They were taken to a dressing room, and were deprived of their clothes. They were given rags instead. Their head were shaven to eliminate all difference or uniqueness.

Anything precious, like jewelry was taken of them.

They were then lead to wooden barracks with wooden bunk beds. One thousand (1000) people to a barrack.

They were all told they would receive a number, even children. They thought a number which they would pin to their clothes. But they ended up holding a tattoo on their skin.

430, 000 Hungarian Jew's were transported to Auschwits. Mass graves were dug, 8 by 10 or 10 by 10 meters wide. Wood was set on fire within the pits; the bodies of dead Jew's were then thrown in. If the fat burned, then the grave was working.

Gas chambers only take 500 human beings. But 2500 people were forced in at one time. It took 15 minutes for them to die, a painful death.

Hitler is remembered by many because of his terrifying concentration and death camps (as explained above).

These were placed in various places, to hold Jews. Many Jew's were eventually murdered by gas chambers or shot (one incident, where if a Jew which tried to escape over the fence their punishment would be 100 of their fellow captives to be shot therefore killed, this included women and children) others were kept alive to do experiments on.

These are a few locations of Death Camps









Effects in the Documentary, included

Mixing old footage with new

Voice over

Survivors narrating

Fading in and out


Name titles

The five people who told their stories of horror were

Irene Zisblatt - Poland,Hungary

Renee Firestone - Unavar

Alice Lok Cahana - Sarvar

Bill Basch - Szaszovo

Tom Lantos - Budapest

Hitler affected people in many different ways, some loathed him, and others thought he was the human genius of their time. But then, some people just didn't know what to think

"I can hardly understand it myself. There must be some basic evil in me. In all men. Mass hypnosis? Hitler cultivated this evil in man. When I saw him in that movie in court, I was swept along again for a moment, in spite of myself. Funny, one sits in court feeling guilt and shame. Then Hitler appears on the screen and you want to stretch out your hand to him . . . . It's not with horns on his head or with a forked tail that the devil comes to us, you know. He comes with a captivating smile, spouting idealistic sentiments, winning one's loyalty. We cannot say that Adolf Hitler violated the German people. He seduced us."

Governor General of Poland Hans Frank (1900-1946)

Like I mentioned above, some Jew's were kept alive to do experiments on. Hitler believed in the 'Aryan race' was the perfect race, powerful in all ways. The Aryan race had blonde hair and blue eyes.

He was contradicting himself here, as he was dark haired and dark eyed.

Hitler came to believe that that the Jew's were the natural enemies of the 'Aryans', and were in some way responsible for his poverty and his failure to achieve the success he believed he deserved.

As one of the women mentioned in the documentary, the Jews they chose to experiment on were expected to stand in an enclosed area with no light of any kind with hundreds of others for days naked. They had water up to their ankles, which they would drink and wash in (if possible).

They would be in there for days, and proberly weeks if wanted by Hitler. This was to change their eye colour from dark brown/black to blue.

Blue eyed people are more sensitive to sunlight than dark eyed people. So I'm gathering that the reason why they shut the Jew's away from any source of light was to make their eyes search for light. Eventually turning them light, or blue.

Of course many Jew's who came out into the sunlight after days or weeks of none, were temporarily blinded.

'The Last Days' documentary was well made and amazingly effective, on me at least.

It portrayed a picture so well in your mind that you could look around and see what the Jew's saw.

It made you see, that war's in general are more serious than we get to see or know. As we tend to be shut away from the more gruesome details. We tend to be in denial of what has happened or is happening as well.

The news may mention deaths in Iraq, but they never show footage of bodies lying scattered and burned. Children lost, without hope or comfort.

It's gotten to the point that to hear about murder, or wars, is normal. We expect no better.

To hear about the massacre which occurred in China so long ago. Is now simply overlooked.

To hear about the Twin Towers, shocked we may still be. But we never think about it.

It's ignored by many.

World War II, Hitler's war. Amazingly disregarded, not respected. The millions of people who died there, are but now a story. Passed down by many, thought of nothing but a fairytale warning.

You can watch something and understand it easily enough. But to realize what happened, to soak in the detail to the point you have tears rolling down your face is another thing.

The real footage in this Documentary can do that to you. To see where the bodies were burned, or the dead bodies piled on top of each other on the wagon, like they don't matter. They are nothing but an empty shell of a human being.

The sunken eyes, the bones showing through skin as thin as a sheet.

The years afterwards, where survivors search for loved ones. Which they know inside are lost forever. Yet, they still don't give up.

'The Last Days' is a documentary which highlighted the darkest sides of the war.

It showed that to be inhumane, is simply to be human. To corrupt another being, is normal. To hurt and to kill, is to be expected.


Here Hitler holds the hand of a little girl, both are smiling.

Even though Hitler loathed Jews, killed thousands, even in his eyes people
must have been beautiful.

He saw the Aryan race as being all powerful; everyone has their views, whether they like dark skinned, or fair skinned people. Maybe Hitler just
took his view too far.

The way he's looking at the girl, shows appreciation for her, show's that no matter how evil someone can be, they can still look past what they want,
what they desire, and see the innocent beauty in a child.

The Last Days

What you last felt,

What you last saw,

Body's litter the ground,

Screams echo in your ears.

Caked blood stains the snow,

Red water runs,

Mixing with tears of pain,


Lack of love and life,

Taken by a leader,

To make the perfect race.

Sold wide,

To die alone,

The last days,

Of better to be forgotten,