Authors Note: this poem was written after I had already broke up with 3
different people.

Death of the Inner Child

Wind blows,
Around my head,
I really wish,
I never went to bed,
The sounds of leaves,
Buzzing in my ear,
I open my eyes,
And realize you're not here,

I die inside,
I find a place,
Where I,
Will never see your face,
I hate you,
You hate me too,
So I'll make sure,
That you'll feel blue,

You ripped me into pieces,
And I felt like I didn't exist,
And now all you've done,
Is left me torn and pissed,
I feel like crap you see,
All because of your stupid mind,
And now I sit and yell at you,
In tons of little rhymes,

I wish you weren't real,
I wish I couldn't feel,
The way I did about you,
And none of it was real.