a Siren's Song

I do love ships, even if it's only because it carries my dinner. I don't like to say it but I am a Siren, you know, eater of Sailors, sinker of ships? The others Sirens and I are all the same, except I have an inkling of a conscience. The reason for that being I'm a crossbreed between a morgan and a siren. I live like I must, but not without regrets.

A nice large English ship next to the rocks with people who seem to have been eating their fill. Good, there will be full stomachs tonight. Our leader, Vivienne, starts our haunting song. Slowly, one by one, we join in. I watch with a strange sort of regret when I see their terror, their faces as they realize they are trapped as the throws of the sea drags them nearer. I see a little girl on this ship, pretty and young, eyes as big as saucers, maybe she will be made one of us.

In my mouth the taste of an innocent's blood mingles with the wonderful flavor of sea salt as I breathe in the breeze off the sea. I feel so awful, living like I do. Killing to live; how sickening to be a damned fairie. However, this week has been more pleasant than most.

Vivienne Let me have my way with a youth of twenty. He was firm and strong. I blocked out his memory with a kiss of forgetfulness. I asked Vivienne if I could keep him around as a plaything, and she said yes. Normally only leaders have human males as sex toys, maybe she realizes how lonely I truly am…