A princess stood all by herself outside the castle and in a lovely garden or pink and red roses. Her name is Princess Angeline De Avenelle. She happens to be the most beautiful princess in all of England. Golden hair below her waist, lovely robin's egg eyes, and pale white skin.

She is King Hubert and Queen Winnefred's most valued treasure in their kingdom. Angeline's father's kingdom is a very peaceful one and has been very good alliance with King Arthur and his kingdom in Camelot.

Ever since Angeline was 16, her father has been choosing a suitable husband for her. But many of those Princes and even the good-looking ones were rejected by her. She felt no love from any of them. Angeline has no intentions on being married.

She told herself that she would never get married in her life. Why, for she had seen what marriage can do. At first a husband would say he loves you but a few months or years later, he would completely ignore you and sometimes abuse you and find that he has no use for you at all. Angeline doesn't want that to ever happen in her life, so she doesn't want to marry.

King Hubert didn't know what to do. Until he finally found one more Prince to marry his daughter. For now on he doesn't want his daughter to reject this last Prince in England. Angeline couldn't believe this, she doesn't love this Prince her father has selected for her.

Angline sat down on the grass near a small pound. She was alone for awhile until her friend, who is a young servant girl named Mary came along.

"Hello Princess, why are you here all by yourself?" The young girl asked. Angeline saw her and smiled sweetly, "I just needed to be outside from all the thinking I've been doing."

Mary sat next to her as she wrapped her arms around her legs, "Is it about your marriage?" Angeline's answer was simply a nod.

"Why is it that you do not want to marry Prince Jack? He's rich and would make a good alliance for your father and King Arthur's kingdom." Mary looked into the morning sky and smiled.

Angeline looked sadly into the water, "Oh Mary, you and my family just don't seem to understand. It's not about the alliance, it's about how he's going to treat me. I'm afraid of marriage. So far I've known many women who were raped or abused by their husbands. I don't want that."

Mary sighed as she patted her friend gently on the back, "Don't worry, if that happens, I'll tell your brother, Prince Derek."

Angeline smiled at the little girl, "Thank's but I still don't want to be married. I want to remain a virgin for as long as I can."

Mary laughed, "Oh let's get back inside, breakfast is almost ready."

Mary helped Angeline get up on her feet and the two of them headed back inside the castle.

Once inside, Angeline's teacher the Lady Bianca and her Ladies-in-Waiting found her. "Oh Princess, how many times do we have to tell you not to associate with the servants? Their job is to clean, cook, fix, and serve."

Angeline didn't like what Lady Bianca said about her friend. "I'm sorry, it's just that I wanted to talk with someone."

Lady Bianca raised an eyebrow, "No Angeline, you must only talk to Dukes, Duchesses, Princes and other Princesses, do I make myself clear?"

Angeline nodded, 'morning already and she's already in a fowl mood.' Angeline thought.

Lady Bianca clapped her hands, "Come now, your mother and father are waiting for you at the banquet table, and we have to discuss about your agenda for today."

Angeline headed for the dining hall while her Ladies-In-Waiting are right behind. Once in the dining hall, she saw her mother and father eating ahead of her.

King Hubert smiled when he saw his lovely daughter, "Ahh good morning my daughter, join your mother and I for breakfast."

Angeline sat next to her mother. As they ate, Lady Bianca began speaking about Angeline's agenda for today, "Alright, for today's agenda princess, you will be practicing your dancing today, and Princess Tessa will be here soon so I would like you to practice your manners with her."

Angeline sighed and stared at her leftover food. She has plenty of boring things to do today.

Then King Hubert began to speak out, "Oh Lady Bianca, you must cancel my daughter's practicing with Princess Tessa, because today, my knights are returning from Camelot today and we will be celebrating."

Lady Bianca wanted to object but knew she couldn't, "Very well, I guess it would be good to cancel it because celebrating your knight's return is important, they have been gone for such a long time."

Mary walked up to Angeline and handed her a goblet of water, "Did you hear that Princess, you don't have to see Princess Tessa today." Angeline smiled, "Yes, she can be very selfish, snotty and self-centered."

'This will be my first time seeing my father's knights. The only one I remember is Sir Gerald De Gaphne.'

After breakfast, Angeline had to practice her dancing with Lady-in-Waiting Lady Dora. Angeline can't seem to wait for her father's knights to return.