Author's Note: I'm not really sure what century King Arthur and Camelot was in, unless someone tells me. And please forgive me if any of my grammar is incorrect.

Angeline moved from right to left, she hasn't been doing pretty well in her dance lessons for she has been thinking too much. Thinking about how fun the celebration will be, the arrival of King Arthur and her father's knights will be so great. So many mistakes and Lady Bianca sighed heavily, "No, no, no Princess, it must be perfect. Surely one knows how to dance with poise and grace."

Angeline continued the steps again, " I'm trying, and I just need more practice." Before Lady Bianca could say anything, King Hubert came in with a smile upon is face. Angeline saw her father, "Father, something tells me something pleasant is going to happen." Angeline held parts of her gown and walked up to her father.

Hubert smiled, "Yes my daughter, a messenger came by telling that King Arthur is on his way along with my knights." Angeline smiled with joy, "Oh father that it great news!"

Lady Bianca walked up to the king and his daughter, "Princess, shall we continue your dancing?"

King Hubert spoke, "On no need for that now Bianca, please get my daughter to look presentable as possible." Lady Bianca bowed, "Yes sire, come now Princess, we must get you ready for tonight."

And so Angeline headed up to her chamber to make herself ready. Angeline had to go through plenty of torturous make-over. She was bathed well and had to be dried for they had so little time to be ready.

Meanwhile, across the grassy hills and plains, Arthur Pendragon along with King Hubert's knights rode very calmly on their stallions. Every man was talking about how wonderful the celebration will be. Arthur and Guinevere rode up front talking about seeing King Hubert and Queen Winnefred. One of Hubert's knights, Sir Gerald De Gaphne rode alongside with Sir Duechar De Dohan, Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, and Sir Gareth.

Gerald talked mostly about King Hubert's daughter and no one else. "The last time I saw the Princess was when she was sixteen. I wonder how she is now."

Duechar smiled as his long dark hair went flying, "How well do you even know this Princess?" Gerald chuckled, he seems to be having great memories as he spoke, " Well pretty well, I remember all the jokes she played on me when she was ten, she placed honey in my helmet, and when I placed it on my head, I found out there were bees in it!" Lancelot, Galahad, Gawain, Duechar, and Gareth burst out laughing.

Gawain spoke out, "So what else did the Prank Princess do to you?" Everyone chuckled, they definitely want to know what else happened to Gerald. "Let's see, hmm, there was when I thought she gave me my horse, but when I went to get it bathed, she painted it with brown paint! The horse belonged to Lady Bianca!"

Lancelot and the others laughed even harder. "How amusing, can she get, tell us, how is she now?" Duechar asked curiously.

Gerald's brownish blonde curly hair started blowing into the west, "Ahh, as I can remember, she is the most beautiful creature in all of England."

Gawaine's face showed curiosity, "Really, tell us Gerald, describe her beauty." Gerald began his description of the princess, "Very well, she has soft golden hair that goes below her waist, lovely eyes as blue as the robin's egg, pale white skin, and an extremely beautiful voice."

Duechar smiled as he thought of Gerald's description, "Hmm I suppose it's hard to find one of those kind of women in all of England."

Galahad spoke to Gerald as he mounted his horse next to his, "Is she married already?" Gerald looked into the evening sky, "If I know her so much, I believe she's not." Duechar's eyes widened, "Why not? Is she eighteen? Because if she is, she should be married by now." Gerald answered his friend's question, "I know, it is just that for some reason, she rejected every Prince her father had selected for her."

Galahad spotted a kingdom nearby, "My lord, we are approaching King Hubert's kingdom." King Arthur nodded, "Alright on to King Hubert's Kingdom."

Once they reached the castle, King Hubert and Queen Winnefred were outside to great them a warm welcome. "Ahh Arthur Pendragon, it pleases us to see you again."

Arthur and Guinevere walked up to them and bowed politely. "Thank you, are you two happy about your knight's return?"

Hubert walked to all his knights and welcomed them back. "Welcome back my brave and chivalrous knights, may we all spend the rest of the evening with celebrating, dancing , and tournaments tomorrow?"

They all cried with joy, once inside, Gerald, Duechar, Lancelot, Galahad, Gawain, and Gareth followed the two Kings in the dancing hall. Percival, Bors, Geraint, and Sir Kay did dancing with the Ladies-In-Waiting.

"So Hubert, where is your daughter? The last time I saw her she was just in your wife's arms." Arthur smiled. "Well Arthur, she should be done with her dressing, let's see, oh look, she's over there with Lady Bianca." They all headed to the direction where the princess was standing.

Hubert called to her, "Angeline, I have some people to introduce to you." Angeline turned around and smiled at her father. Duechar gaped at the young Princess. Gerald wasn't wrong, she is indeed beautiful. She wore a beautiful light blue silk gown .Its arms were long and tapered at her wrist a woven white belt hung loose at her hips. Her golden hair fell all the way down her back; she also wore a yellow band across her forehead.

"King Arthur, I'm sure you remember my daughter, Princess Angeline." Angeline let Arthur take her hand and kissed it politely. "And Angeline, do you remember Sir Gerald De Gaphne?" Angeline smiled at her old friend, "Nice to see you again Sir Gerald." Gerald smiled, "Aye you have matured since the last time I was with you Princess."

Hubert introduced Arthur's Knights to his Daughter, "Angeline, this is Sir Lancelot of the Lake, King Ban's Son of Benwick." Lancelot kissed Angeline's hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you Princess." Angeline smiled, Lancelot was indeed a good looking knight, dark brown hair which is in the same style like any knights and he had dark blue eyes. "And this man Angeline, is Sir Lancelot's son, Sir Galahad." Angeline saw him, he is more handsome than his father, his hair is lighter and his eyes are light blue. Angeline offered her hand and Galahad accepted it and kissed it gently.

"Angeline, this is Sir Duechar De, Dohan, he happens to be the best English and half Laconia swordsman I know." Angeline saw him, he is handsome, and he has long dark hair but is well kept unlike the other knights. He has dark brown eyes and fair skin. Angeline smiled, ' Why is it that I'm smiling at him like this?' Angeline thought. "Pleasure meeting you Sir Duechar." She offered her hand and Duechar kissed it like he wanted to.

After finishing introducing all the knights to Hubert's daughter, Angeline was having a very good conversation with Sir Gerald.

Just then, sweet and soft music was playing as many knights and ladies were pairing up and dancing together. Duechar walked up to Angeline and offered his hand, " Would you like a dance Princess?" Angeline looked at him then turned her head to Gerald, "Do not look at me Princess, go on and have fun with him." Angeline smiled and accepted Duechar's hand, "Forgive me if I don't dance well." Angeline blushed as she felt Duechar's arm behind her back.

Angeline looked deeply into Duechar's dark eyes, "So what is it like in Camelot?" Duechar smiled, "It's very peaceful there, the we barely have problems, and the only one is Sir Modred and Morgan Le Fay who are over there right now." Angeline turned her head to where Duechar was looking at. There was a man, not as tall as Duechar because he was built like a bull and he had dark hair and eyes and bushy eyebrows. Be was dressed richly like a prince. And the woman was dark-haired, her eyes were dark and she was a very thin woman.

Duechar blushed madly when he felt Angeline's head resting on his chest, "Princess, are you an only child of King Hubert and Queen Winnefred?" Angeline looked up, "Well, my brother Prince Derek is in France, hoping to find a suitable bride." Duechar nodded.

Duechar looked at her face, he so badly wanted to kiss her and make love to her, but will she even accept him? This is the first time in his life to fall in love like this, he could feel passion burning inside him. He started running his fingers down her soft blonde hair, and blushed an even dark red crimson as he felt her arms tighten around his waist.

Angeline felt as relaxed as she closed her eyes, at first she thought she would like Galahad, but she seems to be enjoying Duechar. Besides, Galahad would probably want someone else than a Princess like her.