By: Jewel Krystal

We've rekindled our love.

We're together again.

The fire that was once there has become a


Never did we part, even though we're so far


I've been in love with you for so long.

I never thought that I'd still be in love

with you after time has so far gone.

I never thought it could be this way.

The love you give has made way to my heart

and has began to settle in for good even

though the fire should have burned out with

no fuel to ignite it.

Never have I gotten tired.

I've tried to avoid it; but the love you

give is beautiful and sweet like the smile

you would greet me with daily.

Ah, love is good and makes me wanna

do things I never thought I would.

I'm finally understanding what was meant and

should be.

You and I together never ending.