Brimstone Ghost

By: Matthew James Current

Prologue: Life

Once upon a time,
Life's mysteries in rhyme,
We're all born into this world,
To each of us life is unfurled,
Like a patchwork,
Made of people with hopes and dreams,
Seems to me like the world's coming apart at the seams,
Or maybe it came this way,
Maybe we all have a price to pay,
But how much is it for you today?
An arm, a leg, or maybe your heart?
Perhaps something more,
We all wonder what the future has in store,
Some don't, I mean, what for?
What must be must be, right?
We can't control the night,
Why should we try to put up a fight?

Because all that's right and just,
All that you could ever trust,
Had to be fought for, had to be made more than just a dream.