Between Darkness and Light,
Between Wasteland and Sky,
Between Existance and Life,

We lose sight,
We slip away,
We fall down,

When despair seeps in through the corners of the soul,
When blindness to truth sets in and we stumble upon lies,
When the world's cold fingers tighten around the heart,

When you are too busy existing to actually live,
Oblivious to the goodness in the world,
When you are too busy suffering to feel happiness,
The evils of the world tear you away from yourself,

Forgetting to cherish joy,
Forgetting to see blessings,
Forgetting to hold on,

We try to find ourselves without looking within,
And so we assume a different skin that is not our own,
The lies rise up and cast their shadows upon the truth,
We turn away from the light and sink into our places of lies and shadows.

Some of us see ourselves for what we have become and flee from the masks.
This is for the others...