In the darkness lie your fears,
The fears of this world of man since times long past,
In the shadows of the world lurk things unseen,
Brooding sinister smiles and devilish thoughts they lie in wait,
Unknown beings make us cling to light and shield ourselves with white,
But the white of this world is transient and fades,
Soon we find ourselves amongst the shadows again,

The unknown terrifies us,
It makes us cowers in the light places of the world,
For we do not know what might be couched in the darkness,
It makes us run up the stairs as fast as we can,
Because we think that we are being chased by something evil,
It makes us always look behind us,
For we fear that something is following us,
It makes us children again,

Flinch away,
Shy away,
Die away,

Outgrow the darkness if you can,
Rise above the hidden torments that hide from the light,
Shield yourself with knowledge if you can,
But know that you can never escape from the unknown,
Man is finite,
The shadows stretch into eternity.

Become a shadow if you wish,
Fade slowly into the darkness,
Become so dark that your fears are cast aside,
Force yourself into a place where even the unknown pales with the inky blackness of your soul,
Man is impure,
There is one more shadow in the world to fear.

Give in to your fears if you wish,
Allow your pain and fear to consume you,
Break apart and grow your own shadow,
It will follow you forever, it will haunt you, the shade of night shall have power over you,
Man is weak,
Letting the shadows rule is a sad fate to suffer.